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MayJun 2018

  • I See You
  • Bitterness
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Stapp Photo FTR Credit Jeremy Cowart Stapp Photo FTR Credit Jeremy Cowart

The Playlist of My Life

Lindsay Williams

Scott Stapp left home when he was 17 years old and went on to become the lead singer of Creed, one of the most popular secular rock bands…

06/09/18 at 09:32 AM

devozine Vicki-Fourie-feature devozine Vicki-Fourie-feature

Living a Victorious Life

Vicki Fourie

When I was two, my parents discovered that I had a profound hearing loss. But instead of looking at the size of the problem and asking, “Why Vicki?…

06/08/18 at 11:07 AM

devozine, Cross with Sun devozine, Cross with Sun

The Gift of My Enemy

Gerrit Scott Dawson

I like to think about my enemies—about how stupid they are, about how I could slice them and dice them with my wit, about why I’m completely right and…

06/07/18 at 08:42 AM

paris_0229 FTR paris_0229 FTR

On My Own

Elizabeth Reumann

In France, we performed in front of large Parisian crowds, then had long spiritual conversations with the people who had watched us. True, mimes aren’t supposed to talk;…

06/04/18 at 07:31 AM

Graphic_ArtExample 2 Graphic_ArtExample 2

More Ideas for Capturing the Moment

Shelby Hill

Art is a great way to document the moments of our lives. Paint a picture or write a poem, and instantly you have a reminder of where you’ve…

06/02/18 at 02:30 PM

Hill CollageExample2 Hill CollageExample2

Capturing the Moment with Art

Shelby Hill

Michel de Montaigne said, “Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee.” How do you rejoice in the present? Making memories is a great…

06/02/18 at 10:46 AM

painting FTR TS 105951201 painting FTR TS 105951201

Made in the Image of a Creative Creator

Enuma Okoro

When I was a kid, my sister and I had drawing competitions. We loved drawing, whether…

06/01/18 at 03:26 PM


Called to Create

Dylan White

Rain hammered my windshield and lightning flashed through the sky as I pulled into the empty church parking lot, my car loaded full of art supplies, paper plates, and…

05/31/18 at 12:07 PM

devozine, Boy Writing devozine, Boy Writing

Expressing Myself in Poetry . . .

Wesley, Hannah & Alice

Makes Me Feel Alive

John Keating, Robin Williams’s character in Dead Poets Society, says that the sciences are noble pursuits and necessary to keep the human race alive, but the…

05/30/18 at 03:22 PM

devozine Tom & Kiki2 devozine Tom & Kiki2

Passing Along God’s Gift

Tom Arthur

While I was growing up, Dad had an old Canon AE1 camera with all kinds of interchangeable lenses and flashes. He would take the camera to sporting events…

05/29/18 at 03:30 PM

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