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May/Jun 2016

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Calling All Writers!

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05/30/16 at 11:27 AM

Taylor Gerlach Taylor Gerlach

Taylor Gerlach

Teen Advisory Board Member

What do you think is the biggest challenge facing your generation?

“Especially for the girls of today, finding self worth and…

05/28/16 at 08:03 AM

Aidan Gscheidle Aidan Gscheidle

Aidan Gscheidle

Teen Advisory Board Member

If you could spend 15 minutes with any living person, who would it be?

“Jon Foreman, singer/songwriter and frontman for Switchfoot…

05/25/16 at 04:40 PM

20th Ann Video Image 20th Ann Video Image


devozine celebrates 20 years with the launch of!

Jump-start your devo habit today — on your phone!

05/24/16 at 02:50 PM

devo_umconnect_900x900 devo_umconnect_900x900

Something to Celebrate!

20 Years of working with incredible young people to publish devozine. And now . . .!

05/22/16 at 03:15 PM

Wenle Mu Wenle Mu

Wenle Mu

Teen Advisory Board Member

If you could travel back in time, where would you go? Why?
“I would like to travel back to colonial times…

05/20/16 at 08:16 AM

Vongai Nyikayaramba Vongai Nyikayaramba

Vongai Nyikayaramba

Teen Advisory Board Member

What do you see yourself doing in 20 years?

“I see myself running a large engineering company, being married with kids,…

05/17/16 at 07:51 AM

Jurgen Bucud Jurgen Bucud

Jurgen Bucud

Teen Advisory Board Member

If you were given the opportunity, what big thing would you choose to do for the world?

“If I were given…

05/13/16 at 07:58 AM

Robin Gericke Robin Gericke

Robin Gericke

Teen Advisory Board Member

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 things would you want with you?

“My Bible so I could…

05/10/16 at 07:48 AM

Today video image copy Today video image copy


Steve Moakler

In a recent devo, Anna Solomon talks about a time when she wasn’t living life to the fullest and how doing devos with her mom gave her hope and purpose. Now…

05/06/16 at 03:14 PM

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