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Mar/Apr 2015

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In the Crowd

Kristen Conard

You see me sitting here
on the inside,
one of the elite.
You wonder how I got
my invisible pass
to sit at the cool…

02/26/15 at 02:29 PM

In the Silence

Lauren Porterfield

I know that you’re sitting in the silence of the night with me.
I begin to pour out my heart to you.
       I hear no reply.

02/20/15 at 11:51 AM

Whole Again

Sudha Khristmukti

Alone with you
I am quiet and still.
the echoes of worldly pace
grow insignificant,
drift far away.
Undisturbed by call of…

02/17/15 at 03:47 PM

Peter and Jesus

Elaine Creasman

When I think of Jesus’ forgiving Peter
after Peter had denied him three times,
I know how essential it is that I
forgive the friends who have hurt me.
By his example, Jesus…

02/09/15 at 03:09 PM

Listen to God’s Lyrics

K. S. Hardy

Between every beat
there is a pause,
a moment of rest,
a moment of quiet,
a time when
the heart…

02/07/15 at 01:27 PM

Beyond the Music

Melinda Williams & Don Fay

They say your music touches lives,
speaks to youth,
changes minds.
They say your sermon-songs
tell them more than preachers,
teachers who stand…

02/06/15 at 02:33 PM

Music of Our Lives

Melinda Williams

The music
written as our lives by God
is sacred.
In the listening,
the singing,
the symphony of…

02/04/15 at 02:57 PM

She Didn’t Die

Elizabeth Hobbs, 17

She has a haggard look about her.
She does not sleep anymore.
I dare not pester.
She’s fighting the urge to weep.

What should I say?
That it’ll all be…

01/30/15 at 03:07 PM

Hope Lost

Lanny Farmer

I’ve lost all hope and lost all heart.
My days are walking in the dark.
Depression makes me want to hide
and conjures thoughts of suicide.

To take my life and leave this…

01/26/15 at 12:53 PM


Craig Mitchell

Bless us with the courage
to resist those who do wrong
to speak up for the weak
to embrace the lonely
to welcome the homeless
to state the truth in…

01/25/15 at 02:17 PM

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