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  • living in fear
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Elaine Creasman

Lord, too often I feel
it’s my decision
to choose
the course of my life.
Today I need to ask,
“What is your…

10/16/16 at 08:30 PM

Color pencils Color pencils

Art as a Witness

How does your creativity reflect God’s love? How can you witness through your art?

09/23/16 at 11:40 AM

Laughing family2 TSP 180408858 Laughing family2 TSP 180408858

National Grandparents Day

Enjoy this special day with your grandparents. Plan some fun things to do together that give you plenty of time for hugs and conversation. Time with you is the…

09/11/16 at 07:50 AM

Man holding I am sorry message on white board. remorse concept. Man holding I am sorry message on white board. remorse concept.

I’m Sorry

Carolyn Caines

He needs to learn a lesson, Lord.
He cannot act that way.
He’s irresponsible and proud.
For sins he needs to pay.

I’ll let her stew for just awhile
because of her…

08/10/16 at 07:58 AM

devozine Depressed TS 101094617 devozine Depressed TS 101094617

Pray for the Poet

Bridget Holmstrom

Think a moment to yourself
before you hear these rhymes.
What are poems written of
one too many times?

Depression and anxiety
are commonly…

08/07/16 at 03:09 PM

devozine Journaling TS 78395952 devozine Journaling TS 78395952

Why I Write Poetry

Tameka Edwards

Prose and passages
     flood my mind.
Eager to express,
     I write and unwind.

Hear, O Lord, my righteous plea; listen to my cry. Give ear to my prayer.

08/05/16 at 02:28 PM

devozine, Magnetic Poetry devozine, Magnetic Poetry

All My Words Spring from You

Tanya Ferdinandusz

I love to play with them
and work with them.
playing one word against another,

08/03/16 at 08:05 AM

butterfly on flowers butterfly on flowers

Butterflies: “Flying Flowers” of Insect World

Elizabeth Mann

Butterflies are truly “flying flowers” of the insect world. Their wing patterns are so diverse and unique. Their bright colors and gentle flights make them delightful. I hope you…

07/23/16 at 01:30 PM

Practice Compassion

Veronica Paver, 18

Compassion in the way we talk
Compassion everywhere we walk
Reaching out a helping hand
Supporting those who cannot stand
Putting ourselves in others’ shoes
And seeing others’ point of…

07/02/16 at 09:45 AM


Donny Ingraham

We need a holiday
free from remembering pain
I’m tired of remembering the fallen
people dying for no reason
fighting to achieve equality
We need a…

06/01/16 at 01:27 PM

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