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Nov/Dec 2014

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Ian Kraft

I had climbed the tree so many times,
scaling up to the higher limbs.
Then one day I reached
a heavy, cracking, breaking branch
that swayed beneath me—
and I climbed…

11/25/14 at 02:48 PM

Learn to Forgive

K. S. Hardy

Learning to forgive—
a course that everyone
must sometimes take
and the hardest
subject to teach.
The text is…

11/20/14 at 02:33 PM

Me in the Mirror

Christina Spaeth, 16

in the mirror.
All I see
I hate.
My own worst enemy.

Hair too…

11/18/14 at 12:15 PM

Hunger No More

Veronica Paver, 16

I feel empty,
My stomach isn’t growling,
but my heart is crying out for more.
My soul begs to be…

11/15/14 at 09:48 AM

Living in God’s Presence

Jennifer Osborne, 21

Dear Lord,
Thank you
for wet grass,
for sweet chocolate,
for cool wind.

11/08/14 at 09:04 AM

God Is There

Tynea Lewis

In the midst of my loneliness and longing,
God is there.
In the midst of my disappointment and desperation,
God is there.
In the midst of my pain and fear,
God is…

11/04/14 at 07:03 PM


Maureen Eaton

I see your hand in all of creation;
In the symmetry
of a delicate December snowflake
and in the mystery
of its…

11/02/14 at 02:00 PM

Looking for God

David Showalter

Look into someone’s eyes
stare into the unimaginable depth.
Take time to look deeply enough.
The light of life within shines brighter
than any distant flaming sphere.
Long have we searched the heavens for…

11/01/14 at 11:50 AM

Think about This

Reading every word of scripture will help you learn the truth. But the real test of faith is if you become the truth.

—K. S. Hardy


10/30/14 at 06:30 PM


Machelle Smith

The Lord makes us strong
in his presence.
We are to praise God
all the time—
through the good
and the…

10/30/14 at 02:56 PM

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