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Jul/Aug 2014

  • discrimination
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What I Did For What You Did


I left, but still
You warmly offered
Your welcoming arms.
I played deaf, but still
You cordially expressed
Your consoling…

08/22/14 at 11:27 AM

Defining Line

Carolyn Caines

There is a clear, defining line around me
a boundary marked out, flagged,
and recorded.

Walls protect what’s valuable,
private treasures,
feelings and beliefs I…

08/19/14 at 07:55 AM

One of the Nine

Melinda Williams

I am one of the nine
too often—
reaping the blessings
but unwilling,
to give…

08/17/14 at 11:02 AM

Praying the Story

Roberta Porter

A goal of Bible study is not only to know more about the Bible, but also to let the scripture change us. Sometimes, as I read, I place…

08/09/14 at 05:06 PM


Dylan Green, 17

When I call out your name,
do you hear me?
When I look into the heavens,
do you see me?

When times are good,
my faith is…

08/01/14 at 02:48 PM

In the Desert

Richard Lawton

Life is a desert at times.
Violence, illness, tragedy,
unemployment, abandoned children,
divorce, misuse of sex—
Life makes no…

07/28/14 at 02:33 PM

Longing for Heaven

Ariana Bumgardner

I long to wear a golden crown
At the end of life’s long race
I long to sit on a golden throne
And gaze on Christ’s sweet face
I long to hear…

07/14/14 at 01:06 PM


Carolyn Caines

I honor Grandmother.
Blessings pass down
from generation to generation.
Her blessing falls on me.
She blesses me from long ago.
I hear her voice still in the…

07/11/14 at 10:29 AM

Words Hurt

Dillon Harris

People don’t understand that words hurt.
A racist comment makes me feel like dirt,
like I’ve been spat upon
by people who think they’re better than me.
They’re joking, maybe.
But their words leave…

07/04/14 at 02:42 PM

The Fence

Carol Bradfield

“Dad, can I go outside the fence today?
I really want to go out there and play.”
“No, son. We’ve talked about this before.
Please listen to me and don’t…

06/17/14 at 09:17 AM

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