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May/Jun 2015

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Count On God’s Promises

Tynea Lewis

The promises you’ve made, O Lord,
will never be broken.
Your word will always stand.
No matter what I face
or say or do,
your promises will be the…

05/23/15 at 04:38 PM


Elizabeth Green, 16

Technicolor skies at night,
cities’ dawn till morning’s light,
only the moon far up above—
where are the stars I used to love?
Though once their glory shown so bright,
they’re blotted out by…

05/15/15 at 02:22 PM


Michelle Ankrum, 16

You are special.
God made you for God’s own purpose.
And you’re telling me people are making fun of you
and treating you badly?
They have no respect for the wonderful masterpiece that…

05/11/15 at 03:02 PM

Bread with heart Ftr TSP 461876051 copy Bread with heart Ftr TSP 461876051 copy

Are You God?

Carolyn Caines & Richard Lawton

A small and tattered beggar boy
stood looking down the street.
His clothes were mostly patches,
and no shoes were on his feet.

He came upon a bakery;
he stood and peered…

05/09/15 at 02:56 PM

Are You Like Christ?

K. S. Hardy

The ministry of kindness
is not preached from the pulpit
but at the soup kitchen,
at the bedside of the sick;
and its sermon is not
spread by spoken…

05/07/15 at 05:29 PM

If I Were . . .

Amy Treece

If I were in God’s image,
how fitting it would be
to glance in the mirror each morning
and see God wink back at me!

To feel God’s presence with me,
not only in…

05/05/15 at 03:22 PM

What Will Be Your Legacy?

Melinda Williams

A beautiful world of life abundant—
the rhythms
of mystery
run through it
in bird songs,

04/28/15 at 04:15 PM


Veronica Paver & Jacquelin Fritz

Pressure grows like bricks on my back.
My true identity feels under attack,
trying to fit into the world’s mold
without losing my strong hold
on what I believe.
Why is it so hard…

04/24/15 at 02:19 PM


Katelyn Burch, 19

There comes a point in the journey
a perfect time to walk alone
I see familiar faces
far away
and I’m so far from them
Friends having so much…

04/22/15 at 02:28 PM

Soul Pressure

Casey Colombo

I feel it
surrounding my soul
taunting me
prodding me
to give in to…

04/20/15 at 12:38 PM

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