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Sep/Oct 2015

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Adrian Agachi

Feelings have gathered at the gate of my heart.
Do I dare to share them with you?
Are we dating? Are we chatting? Are we daydreaming?
I am confused, dazzled, disoriented.
I want…

09/02/15 at 04:23 PM

Draw Me Close

Naomi Dominique

Draw me close to you, Lord,
that I may know more about you
and learn from you,
become more like you
and please you in word and deed.
This is my desire,…

08/29/15 at 05:28 PM

What Do You Hear?

Tynea Lewis

In the silence,
all I hear is the
of the clock.
Without noise and distractions,
I’m forced to hear my own…

08/27/15 at 07:27 PM

Shift Your Focus

Michelle Ankrum, 16

I’m beautiful!
I’m beautiful!
Wait. I am beautiful.
I am made in the image of an awesome God,
who loves me and cares for me.
I don’t wear the newest clothes or the cleanest…

08/23/15 at 01:27 PM


Lisa Hibbs

All that I can speak now
is a sigh of sweet relief.
The words that I could say now
would interrupt the peace.

For the one more beautiful than all creation,
brighter than the…

08/15/15 at 04:34 PM

Give God Your Whole Heart

Malinda Fillingim

Storms of doubt and confusion
rage within me,
filling me with remorse.
I need a shelter for my soul,
a place to renew my broken spirit.
God of…

08/10/15 at 01:35 PM

I Care About You

Sudha Khristmukti

I’m not here to judge you.
I’m here to listen
to what you need to say.
I’m not here to blame you;
I’m here so you can talk with me
about what you are…

08/08/15 at 02:10 PM


Ralph Carelli

The temple courts were filled today
The noise of Pharisees
A woman caught, they dragged her in
Her crime adultery

Did Jesus judge? Read John 8:1–11, the story of the woman…

08/07/15 at 11:57 AM

Please Don’t Judge

Sarah Beth Davis

Please don’t judge me by my face,
by my religion or my race.
Please don’t laugh at what I wear
or how I look or do my  hair.
Please look a little deeper,

08/04/15 at 06:29 PM


Alyssa Pauline Rivera

In my secret life,
I am weak.
I curl up like a baby
and cry for the shallowest reason.
I am emotionally battered.
I reflect on my…

08/02/15 at 02:08 PM

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