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May/Jun 2015

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Summer in the Vineyard Summer in the Vineyard

Grab Some Alone Time

Katy Steele, 21

Pick a day this week to enjoy half an hour of intentional alone time. Invite God to…

05/25/15 at 11:30 AM

devozine teen praying devozine teen praying

Pray for God’s World

The Ecumenical Prayer Cycle

In the week ahead, offer prayers for the people of Botswana and Zimbabwe.

05/24/15 at 03:47 PM


Cary Knier Johannes

“Who can hide in secret places so that I cannot see them?” declares the Lord.

Jeremiah 23:24a (NIV)

Junior high was a time of keeping secrets. It was a time of change—in my friends, my school, my body, and my feelings. It was the time when my…

05/24/15 at 02:03 AM

Count On God’s Promises

Tynea Lewis

The promises you’ve made, O Lord,
will never be broken.
Your word will always stand.
No matter what I face
or say or do,
your promises will be the…

05/23/15 at 04:38 PM

shhh secret FTR TSP 126464470 shhh secret FTR TSP 126464470

“As Sick as Our Secrets”

Will Penner

In our little church in Meridian, Texas, I sang in the choir until the day our choir director left. At that point, I became the choir director. I was…

05/23/15 at 10:08 AM

200166564-001 200166564-001

What I Believe . . .

Jacob, Matthew, Wesley & Kate

About Our Faith

A creed is a statement of what we believe and reminds us what God has done for us. Some of my core beliefs come from the Apostles’…

05/22/15 at 12:51 PM

Jacob Lancaster Ftr Jacob Lancaster Ftr

Jacob Lancaster

Teen Advisory Board Member

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

“One of the best pieces of advice I have been given…

05/22/15 at 08:08 AM

God Keeps Promises

Mary Lynn Johnson, 23

Promises seem simple enough when we make them, but sometimes we are pressured or tempted to break our promises. When God promises to provide for us, to protect us,…

05/21/15 at 03:00 PM

devozine Tandem-Dive-TSP-dv6170771.jpg devozine Tandem-Dive-TSP-dv6170771.jpg

An Extreme Promise

Will Penner

“Will you take me skydiving?” Katie asked.

“Sure,” I said, “when you turn eighteen.” My words spewed out before my mind had time to think.

It’s sad…

05/21/15 at 08:24 AM

devozine In the Habit BW logo devozine In the Habit BW logo


Lanecia A. Rouse

“In the Habit” session for use with devozine meditations for May 25–31, 2015.


“In 2004, I served in ministry for a year in Leeds, England, with…

05/20/15 at 10:17 AM

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