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JulAug 2016

  • compassion
  • addiction
  • blame game
  • and more!


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As Easy as 1, 2, 3

Sam Davidson

Going green can be confusing. With so many terms to understand (fair trade, shade-grown, all natural), how can we know if we’re eating, buying, and enjoying what is…

07/19/16 at 11:16 AM

Melanie Ho Melanie Ho

Melanie Ho

Teen Advisory Board Member

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you want with you? Why?

“I would want my family,…

07/19/16 at 07:13 AM

EarthinHand Ftr 119721272 EarthinHand Ftr 119721272


Ciona D. Rouse

Thank You, God, for having a plan far greater
than anything we can imagine.
You bring down walls of injustice that we build.
You loosen chains of addiction with
which we shackle ourselves.

07/17/16 at 07:28 PM

Praying at Beach2 TS 86491196 Praying at Beach2 TS 86491196

Pray for God’s World

The Ecumenical Prayer Cycle

This week, offer prayers for the people of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Panama.

07/17/16 at 03:48 PM

devozine Jail Cell2 TSP 73979720 devozine Jail Cell2 TSP 73979720

Filling the Hole in My Soul

Justin Collett

The solid metal door of the jail cell opened briefly…

07/17/16 at 08:15 AM

Everything video image Everything video image



Let this song remind you that God is with you through the storms and temptations of life, for God is “Everything.”

07/16/16 at 07:22 PM


Tim Aldridge, 18

Tell the young men to have self-control in everything.

Titus 2:6 (CEV)

I have always been strong willed. I’m not easily pressured into doing something that I don’t want to do. A lot of my friends have gotten into drugs. Most…

07/16/16 at 01:53 PM

devozine ICM107B devozine ICM107B

Free at Last

Rebecca King, 21

Believe me, I’ve had my share of problems. For many years, I ignored them, trying to be strong; but I have learned that ignoring a problem often makes…

07/16/16 at 10:22 AM


Christina Spaeth, 19

“Clean up your act—the way you live, the things you do—so I can make my home with you in this place.”

Jeremiah 7:3b (The Message)

Within a month, two young men, both about eighteen, accidentally killed themselves. One was under the influence of heavy hallucinogens. The other had a blood alcohol level of…

07/15/16 at 04:30 PM

Sam Driggers Sam Driggers

Sam Driggers

Teen Advisory Board Member

If you were given the opportunity, what big thing would you choose to do for the world?

“I would love to…

07/15/16 at 08:02 AM

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