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Jul/Aug 2014

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"The mood I'm in determines what music I listen to. No matter what genre I listen to, it's always turned up loud! When I'm in a depressed mood, I...

08/31/14 at 09:00 PM


"I just moved into college about 2 weeks ago. My third night there, I went to a worship service that some of the students put on. Listening to them...

08/31/14 at 07:01 PM


The late Dick Clark said, "Music is the soundtrack of our lives." What songs have defined specific moments in your life?

08/31/14 at 06:30 PM

Praying Teen Hoodie Guy TS 115120125 Praying Teen Hoodie Guy TS 115120125

Pray for God’s World

The Ecumenical Prayer Cycle

In the week ahead, offer prayers for the people of Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia.

08/31/14 at 03:39 PM


Rachel Crumpler

Notes rock
between high
and low
sweeping me
into the…

08/31/14 at 03:19 PM


Watch Chris Tomlin's music video "I Lift My Hands." In all circumstances we can find strength in knowing that God is faithful. The words of the chorus are powerful;...

08/31/14 at 03:01 PM

Native American Drum Ftr TSP 163940176 Native American Drum Ftr TSP 163940176

The Music of the Heart

Ray Buckley

The drumbeat is the heart of our people. It binds us together—one heartbeat among many.

I recall my father lifting me to his lap. “Listen to my heart,” he…

08/31/14 at 12:39 PM


"Take time today to listen to a Christian song, and focus solely on the lyrics. What is God saying to you through this song?" - Sarah, TAB

08/31/14 at 09:01 AM


"I listen to "Stronger" by Mandisa whenever I'm having a bad day. The upbeat tempo and encouraging lyrics can always make me feel better." - Mikaela, TAB Member ...

08/30/14 at 09:00 PM


God, give us music that inspires us to serve you. Amen.

08/30/14 at 07:15 PM

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