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Observing Advent?

It’s not too late to begin! Try a new practice each day of Advent.

12/10/17 at 12:03 AM

devozine Sneakers FTR TSP 154964839 devozine Sneakers FTR TSP 154964839


Carolyn Caines

Knowing that a pair of shoes could change the life of a child, Amy Gowen and Mary…

12/09/17 at 02:15 PM


Anthony Reyna, 18

[Jesus said to his disciples:] “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”

John 15:11 (NIV)

The economy’s decline affects everyone. My family has been on the tightest budget in the history of budgets. My father was laid off in July 2008. By the grace…

12/09/17 at 09:27 AM


Kristee Ravan

They crowd at my door, pushing,
eager to see what I will unpack.
I am the new and interesting one,
the wealthy American with four suitcases.
I hide my annoyance, try not to…

12/08/17 at 11:42 AM

abby-johanson-ftr abby-johanson-ftr

Abby Johanson

Teen Advisory Board Member

What is your favorite way to express yourself?

“Through writing. I find that not only do I express myself best in the…

12/08/17 at 07:56 AM

acholi beads hanging acholi beads hanging

Acholi Beads: Recycled Paper Recycles Lives

Ciona D. Rouse

In Kampala, Uganda, a group of women have recycled their lives by making jewelry from recycled paper.


12/07/17 at 07:58 AM

Taylor in Belizean classroom IMG_7716 Taylor in Belizean classroom IMG_7716


Taylor Gerlach, 16

Last winter, I was in Belize on a mission trip. The friends I made in Black…

12/06/17 at 11:51 AM

devozine St Nicholas Ftr1 TSP 139903363 devozine St Nicholas Ftr1 TSP 139903363


Karin Mittman

On December 6, many countries in Europe celebrate the tradition of St. Nicholas. Every child cleans and polishes a shoe and places it outside his or her bedroom…

12/06/17 at 01:14 AM

peanut butter2 iStock_000001528092_Large peanut butter2 iStock_000001528092_Large

Barely Making It in North Carolina

Jennifer Calvin & Wesley Overhults

Sometimes, we believe that we are indestructible, invincible, and totally independent. We think we know more than our parents or teachers; and we don’t want anyone telling us…

12/05/17 at 02:01 PM

matthew-hatton-ftr matthew-hatton-ftr

Matthew Hatton

Teen Advisory Board Member

What important life lesson have you learned recently?

“That time is precious, and we have to enjoy where we are in our…

12/05/17 at 07:58 AM

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