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Please pray for me. I might be getting into some major legal trouble and I could really use some good Christian allies. I know that God is great and will do what’s best for me, but I could still use lots of prayer nevertheless. Thanks so much. God bless.

12/06/14 at 11:00 PM


I am asking that someone please stand in agreement with me for my town’s youth, after the sudden death of a friend. my town’s youth still haven’t found a way to completely cope. There is so much hurt and so many unanswered questions. Please keep my town’s youth in your prayers.

12/03/14 at 08:14 AM


Dear Partners and friends ,
My dad Nick is going into heart surgery today. Let’s agree the LORD JESUS to manifest the healing through doctors and everything to be perfect …. Let’s agree also that my dad’s recovery will be full and he will have decades of longevity in health.

11/18/14 at 07:11 PM


I was raised up knowing Jesus & strayed away in 6th grade (cussing). Recently in high school I was into behavior that is bad (parties, sex, etc.). I hit rock bottom & rededicated my life to Jesus this past Sunday the 16th. I feel new & free. I would like prayer/words to help me continue this Godly path.

11/18/14 at 07:10 PM


Needing prayers that my best friend finds the courage to face a hard decision about her marriage. It’s so hard for me to watch, especially when I am having a difficult time adjusting to a new place and job.

11/18/14 at 07:08 PM


That person voices go away.

11/18/14 at 07:07 PM


Hi, brethren. I have a terrible cough and cold now. But I still need to go to work. Thanks for the prayers.

11/09/14 at 08:02 PM


I have bad anxiety and a little bit of depression. I feel like no one understands me and I feel alone. I also have a lot of doubt about if God real. I hope he is but I don’t see how he is in my life

10/28/14 at 07:38 AM


Please pray for employees at the respite home where I work, that we will get a new Program coordinator real soon, that there will be peace in the office, and that our work schedule will not change in the upcoming weeks.

10/21/14 at 03:52 PM


My father was half-paralyzed for almost 8 years. My family and I are hoping so earnestly for complete healing coming from God. And, as of now, I really want a full-time work after my internship. I really appreaciate your prayers. God Bless You.

10/21/14 at 03:50 PM

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