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I pray that the Lord will be the center of our family. I also pray for my Lola’s healing, not just physically, but spiritually as well. I pray for everyone who doesn’t know God yet. May they know, love, and accept Him as their personal savior.

05/10/16 at 01:39 PM


My grandson is rebellious and using drugs. His mom and dad do not know what to do to help him make better decisions. I pray for a miracle for him and expect it to happen. Will you pray too?

04/05/16 at 08:14 PM


Please pray for the Cook family. They found their son-in-law hanging in the basement. He committed suicide because he had lost his job. He has three small children. Please pray also for the ones he left behind. Thanks so much for their concern.

03/28/16 at 07:39 AM


Praying for patience and direction with a relationship as we are almost done with school.

03/28/16 at 07:38 AM


Please pray for my husband to be healed and delivered of cancer. Pray for him to be granted more years of good health. Help us, his family, to be strong and accept God’s will.

03/28/16 at 07:37 AM


I want to pray for my best friend. He’s going through so much right now. He feels like he’s unwanted. God just needs to be near to this boy right now, because he feels so alone. I pray that God holds him in the palm of his hand and that Jesus will hold him close.

03/25/16 at 09:18 PM


I want to pray for my son and daughter. Both are in high school dealing with typical teenage issues such as grades, sports, and relationships. I pray that they both look to God first with any task at hand. I pray they both strive to reach their fullest potential.

03/10/16 at 03:13 PM


I would like prayers for my mother, Esther Belindo, who will be undergoing an endoscopy March 10th. She is 86 years old and has expressed a desire to “go” home, meaning to heaven. I pray God will be merciful and give her a happy death. Thank you! Julie

03/08/16 at 06:53 PM


Please help me in praying for son (22 years old). He has difficulty in learning.

02/29/16 at 07:54 AM


My volleyball coach Adrienne has lupis and was hospitalized yesterday bc of it. She is not in ICU anymore, but she is still struggling. Prayers for her and her family (she has three teens and a husband) bc she means a lot to me as she helped me through some rough times. God just needs to touch her.

02/29/16 at 07:52 AM

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