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Please pray for my brother. He is leaving on a trip to Japan soon. Please pray for his safe travels.

05/15/15 at 07:30 AM


Dear Lord, use me. I know I’m not much, and I may be weak, but use me to make an impact in the world. Not so I get the glory, but so your name can be shouted on rooftops. My hands are held high in praise and awe of you. Use my life, my gifts, my struggles to make you proud. Thanks in advance. Amen.

05/11/15 at 12:24 PM


Hello, please pray for:
1. Poland, freedom of religion to God through Jesus Christ
2. Church in the USA – Matt. 3.12
3. Stirring up service to God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel – “…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 2

05/11/15 at 12:05 PM


Please pray for our church’s growth, not just in number but also in spirit.

05/11/15 at 12:03 PM

sjr and cc

May the Lord Jesus immediately & permanently bless, protect & strengthen SJR and CC’s relationship together & soon to be marriage together. Lord, let SJR and CC be united & ‘one’, in every way, now & for their lifetime. Let SJR and CC who are already in love with each other, completely fall in love

05/11/15 at 12:02 PM


Request for prayer support from Sean in CA – Please pray for the Lord’s full household salvation, grace, peace, help, mercy, healing and good health, safety / protection, and all that’s good from God for: me and all my family / relatives / loved ones, the USA, and the Body of Christ.

05/11/15 at 12:01 PM


Prayers for peace and hope as I submit my application for school. I’ve already been rejected once before, but I know this is where God has called me to be. I will not know for a few more weeks and must keep going each day.

05/11/15 at 12:00 PM


Thank you, Father, for an impossible financial miracle even as I open my eyes this morning Luke 1:37.
In Jesus Name Amen

04/24/15 at 03:08 PM


Please pray for my husband to get a great job/career & bro for a good wife

04/24/15 at 03:08 PM


Pray that false religion would be kept out out of the public square and for sexual immorality to end.

God hears prayers! Thank you. 1 John 3

04/14/15 at 07:38 AM

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