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please pray for me. I am suffering with depression and pain.

12/13/15 at 09:36 AM


Prayers for my teacher especially after the huge amount of disrespect she received from other students this week. She is under so much pressure as it is. Praying that she gets the rest she needs over winter break.

12/05/15 at 07:10 PM


It’s Junior year and I’ve taken on too much. Four college level classes, NHS, third year japanese, church, family, etc. It’s hard for me to find time to breathe and pray and be happy. I miss being able to enjoy school and everyday life. I’m praying for peace and happiness to me and my peers.

12/02/15 at 07:26 PM


Help me to find the job that the Lord has planned for me. Allow me to get my life in order and manage my time, money, skills, and relationships in a way that would please You.

12/02/15 at 07:24 PM


Hey, if ya’ll could please pray for my best friend Austin, he’s going through a really rough time right now. He thinks he’s alone, and we all know that he isn’t. he really needs God right now, and his heart to be full of peace. He is depressed, and just needs Jesus to be beside him right now.

12/02/15 at 07:22 PM


I’m at a rough point in my life. I’m struggling with depression, and my grandmother is apparently failing in the hospital. I know that everything is in God’s hands, but I’m scared. I trust that God knows what’s right, but I yearn for answers. Prayers to all my brothers and sisters.

11/30/15 at 03:00 PM


For husband Robin — we have been separated since Oct 12 and need prayer

11/30/15 at 02:59 PM


I want to pray for my VISA which is currently in process and needs to be completed quickly since im going on a trip and I pray that God may let me go on this trip

11/21/15 at 04:41 PM


Praying for financial stability while going back to school

11/12/15 at 07:37 AM


I want deliverance from witchcraft. i want new thoughts. i want peace & money. pray for me.

11/12/15 at 07:36 AM

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