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Dear God, Please be with the youth of our church while we grow together as a group and do things in your name. Be with us as we start our creative prayer segment, help us to do your will. Lord, we are a small group but we know you are with us always. In Jesus name, Amen.

07/30/15 at 11:40 AM


Dear God , please pray for my mom. She’s trying so hard and we really need it. Thank you.

07/30/15 at 11:40 AM


Pray that I will receive the HOLY SPIRIT.

07/30/15 at 11:39 AM


Lord God, the great I Am, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah El Shaddai, Yavh, Elohim, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit,

I claim today and every day you are my God and the only God there is! I claim and believe to be successful, to be profitable, to be healthy, to be wealthy in the kingdom, TO BE ON FIRE FOR YOU!

07/30/15 at 11:38 AM


I’m really struggling with self harm right now. Life feels like it’s too difficult to live through right now. Please pray. I really want to stop biting and start loving myself like God does.

07/24/15 at 09:48 AM


Lord in the mighty name of Jesus Christ , Lord of Lord and King of Kings, Father, Son and Holy Spirit I pray and believe in you, your miracles, signs and wonders. I believe that I am a child of the most high God! I believe I am a seed of Abraham, Issiac and Moses! I believe I am filled , marked, saved

07/24/15 at 09:47 AM


Praying for a good outcome on a decision being made to get accepted into my dream program and that I’m guided on the road God has planned for me. I am so exhausted on just waiting but I know there’s goodness in his ways

07/14/15 at 06:55 PM


Still need prayer for these voices I hear outside my house. They really are real. Thank you for praying.

07/13/15 at 10:05 AM


Dear God, Thank you for another gracious day on this beautiful planet Earth I call home. A special thanks for giving me hope and compassion to lead me on the right path and not into depression. Giving me hope was a good thing; without you I wouldn’t have been able to let go of my best friend.

06/28/15 at 11:04 PM


Please pray for all the groups traveling to Orlando for Youth 2015

06/24/15 at 04:03 PM

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