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I pray for everyone who suffers from jealousy, defeat, guilt, pain. Please pray that they may know that God is there with them through all the good and bad. God is the one carrying them when they are at their weakest.

01/14/15 at 08:11 AM


Hey guys, I would like to ask you to pray for my youth pastor and youth group. Right now we are going through some trials and tough changes. I just ask that you pray for the holy spirit to give us strength and wisdom for this coming year, and also that we are prepared 4 what the Lord has 4 us.

01/12/15 at 12:11 PM


peço oração pelo meu país: BRASIL,p/ q’ as pessoas tenham conciência do q’ estão fazendo de errado e assim tentar melhorar e votar c/ responsabilidade. E peço por minha família, principalmente minha mãe q’ já está c/ 84 anos e está esquecendo coisas. Muito obrigada, DEUS abençoe a todos. AMÉM!

I ask for prayers for my country Brazil, in order for people to reflect on what they are doing wrong so they can improve their actions and vote with responsibility. I also ask prayers for my family, especially for my mother who is 84 years old and is losing her memory. Thanks a lot. God bless you all!

Pido oración por mi país Brasil, para que la gente reflexione en lo que está haciendo mal y mejore sus acciones, y ejercer el derecho del voto con responsabilidad. También pido por mi familia, en especial por mi mamá, quien tiene 84 años y se le están olvidando las cosas. Muchas gracias, Dios los bendiga a todos.

01/09/15 at 11:27 AM


Dear Christian fellowship, please pray for my family and my grandmother and her doctor and counselor that we would all have GOD’s word spoken through us that grandma would come to accept help for her alcoholism. my family and I are also praying that she would give her life over to GOD. thank you all.

01/08/15 at 03:31 PM


I need prayer today, feeling depressed and hopeless. I feel unloved and just have a hard time waking up because I just want to be dead. I am having a hard time with depression today and alcohism. Please pray for me.

01/07/15 at 08:52 AM


My Nana has very bad eyes. She has to get shots in her eyes just to keep them working a little. Please keep her in your prayers.☺

01/05/15 at 09:25 AM


Asking for your prayers tonight, knowing that my God will never leave us nor forsake us but unfortuanately other people do. And I just need God’s strength to make it through this tough time. I need to know God’s will over a very important decision. Thank you!

01/05/15 at 09:25 AM


Hey guys, I am currently going thru a situation. (Can’t say what the situation is.) Anyway this situation has put me in a bad position in these couple of months. It has made a negative factor in my life. I pray every day and every night for it to go away, but I cannot do it on my own.

01/05/15 at 09:24 AM


Hey guys, thanks for praying for me. She clearly showed she wanted to kiss me. She showed she has feelings for me. She said she liked me, and whenever I’m around, she dresses up well. YES! I BEAT THEM! The popular chick who said I’d never have a chance with her likes me. God does the impossible!

12/23/14 at 09:52 PM


Please pray for my daughter and her father. I had lied to him about my age and got pregnant, and now he’s on the verge of going to jail. He’s an amazing father;  we want to get married and have a family. Social services wants to take my child away b/c I’m young and the father is older. pray for me

12/23/14 at 09:50 PM

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