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I want to pray for my VISA which is currently in process and needs to be completed quickly since im going on a trip and I pray that God may let me go on this trip

11/21/15 at 04:41 PM


Praying for financial stability while going back to school

11/12/15 at 07:37 AM


I want deliverance from witchcraft. i want new thoughts. i want peace & money. pray for me.

11/12/15 at 07:36 AM


Dear Lord, help me and my friends find our way to better life choices. I sometimes feel you are not there and it’s really unsettling and it hurts A LOT. I know that you are there, but it’s hard to reach you.

11/04/15 at 07:07 AM


Dear Lord, I pray with all my soul. Please forgive my sins and have mercy on my family, my wonderful kids, my selfless mother, my sick and lost husband. Please give me power and patience; guide me to overcome all that is going on and keep my sanity for my family.

10/25/15 at 08:16 PM


Praying for all those who are suffering and for all those who need strength right now. May they find strength in Jesus and may they believe that God is always with them.

10/25/15 at 08:13 PM


I pray that God shows me a way to have the financial means to pay for school this quarter and for better job security. I am desperately seeking God’s guidance with school performance too.

10/25/15 at 08:11 PM


Please pray for the Lord’s grace, salvation, healing, peace, and protection for me (Sean), my family, the Body/Church of Christ, & the USA.

10/25/15 at 08:08 PM


I am struggling with depression. I feel at the end. Thank you for prayers.

10/25/15 at 08:05 PM


Hi, everyone, I posted prayers here before and the love and faith was amazing. Thank the Lord we are all in good health right now with few issues; however, we struggle to make some ends meet financially. Please pray for us.

10/25/15 at 08:04 PM

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