Mar/Apr 2019

Deadline: 06/01/2018

Thank you for your interest in writing for devozine! Complete theme questions/prompts will be added soon. Until then, we hope the notes below will give you an idea what direction each theme will take.

Handle with Care—environmental problem solving, clean water, protection of public land

Start Fresh—forgiveness, second chances, needing a do-over, transition can be an opportunity to start over

Happily Single—comfortable in your own skin, date-night with self, confident being on your own

Lenten Practices—creative practices you have found meaningful to try and to repeat throughout Lent

Can’t Even—negativity, no way, can’t do that!

My Secret Life—self-injury, porn, things you keep secret out of shame

Questions for God—questions you have that only God can answer

Laughter Is Contagious—love to laugh, joy spreads to others, what makes God laugh?

Against the Odds—take a risk, go against the flow, all things are possible, Easter/resurrection

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