Nov/Dec 2018

Deadline: 02/01/2018

Notes below explain the direction we are going with each theme. Complete theme questions will be added soon!

Healing the Hate — peacemaking, loving enemies, restoring dignity, building bridges

Gone Too Soon — death of sibling or friend, loss of parent at a young age, suicide, how is grief different?

Life in Pieces — broken relationships with family, friend, God; healing or letting go, toxic friends

Wonder — practice curiosity, awe, God surprises, child-like, see sacred in ordinary

(dis)content — when to be content and when not be, OK with what you have and are doing, care for others

Depression — clinical and seasonal, despair, Blue Christmas, longest night of year, mental health

Light of the World — light in the darkness, light and love of Christ, how we are light, symbol of light at Christmas and for faith

Power of Words — Christ = word of God, we are spoken into being, words can heal or hurt, storytelling

Christmas around the World — ways Christmas is celebrated around the world, cultural traditions, family rituals, 12 Days of Christmas traditions

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