Sep/Oct 2018

Deadline: 12/01/2017

Notes below explain the direction we are going with each theme. Complete theme questions will be added soon!

Learning Respect — respect for others/self/nations; whom do I disrespect? How do I learn to listen and value others?

Welcome the Strange — welcome strangers, strange people, people or situations that seem weird, being open to accepting others

God’s Fingerprints — sensing God’s presence, Where do you see God at work? Who reflects God’s love?

Wrestling with the Word — encountering God in scripture, grappling with the word, the power of stories, how scripture is God-breathed

Press On — perseverance, resilience, run the race set before you, drive, keep on keeping on, barriers to pressing on, encouragement

Gimme a Break — feeling overwhelmed, needing sleep/rest, finding balance, rhythm of rest and work, Sabbath

Living Prayer — What makes prayer alive? Pray without ceasing, pray thought the day, invite God into relationships, make life a prayer

I Like Me! — claim your gifts, value self, confident not cocky, see self through God’s eyes, acting as if you love yourself

Speak, Lord — do what? called, go beyond, take a risk, step out of comfort zone, available to God

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