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Cry of My Heart

Zachary Letourneau

Lord, my heart belongs to you
Cleanse me, make me whole and new
Love me, lead me, hold me close
Bring your son and Holy Ghost
Guard my heart and guide my thoughts

07/28/20 at 11:20 AM

devozine Healing TS 124037970 devozine Healing TS 124037970

Lectio on Injustice

Beth Richardson

Hurtful words, harmful acts, crushing stereotypes — engage discrimination through lectio, prayerfully listening for God’s word to you.

06/02/20 at 09:38 AM

2020 Lenten Calendar

This Lent, The Upper Room will be offering an online Lenten Calendar designed specifically for children, youth, and families, featuring daily…

04/19/20 at 07:25 AM


Lisa Luciano

Their friend was dead.
Their dreams were shot.
And they were afraid.
Huddled together in a room, they heard a knock at the door.
They opened it, not expecting a friend to enter,…

04/12/20 at 01:01 AM

devozine Jerusalem Streets Ftr TS 120022599 devozine Jerusalem Streets Ftr TS 120022599

The Radical Way of Jesus

Trevor Hudson

Did you know that on the first Palm Sunday, two processions came into Jerusalem? From the east, Jesus rode a donkey down the Mount of Olives, cheered on…

04/05/20 at 01:01 AM

devozine Inspiration Ftr TSP 71079651 devozine Inspiration Ftr TSP 71079651


Richard Lawton

Years ago, I was inspired by a young man. He never owned a car. He never went to a movie. I’m not aware that he ever went to…

03/24/20 at 07:38 AM

Born Beautiful

Halle Elyse

“You were born beautiful,

and you remain beautiful.”

—Scott Stabile

03/12/20 at 02:59 PM

self harm awareness day self harm awareness day

Self Harm Awareness Day

March 1st is Self Harm Awareness Day. Wear something orange to support those…

03/01/20 at 01:10 AM


Steve Matthews

Marie Kondo is a consultant and media phenomenon known for her unique ability to declutter, organize, and make space in the places where people live and work. She…

02/29/20 at 08:55 PM

Living in God’s Presence

Jennifer Osborne, 21

Dear Lord,
Thank you
for wet grass,
for sweet chocolate,
for cool wind.

02/29/20 at 03:04 PM

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