Capturing the Moment with Art

Shelby Hill

Michel de Montaigne said, “Rejoice in the things that are present; all else is beyond thee.” How do you rejoice in the present? Making memories is a great way to find joy in the days we are given. My favorite way of capturing memories is through various types of art.

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What to Capture with Art

With art, you can document both profound and simple moments of your life: a recent spiritual zenith, a Bible verse that brought you through a difficult time, a sense of God’s presence in a gentle breeze. You can also use art to meditate on the beautiful world God has given us. The moments you capture do not need to be incredibly significant. Create whatever God puts on your heart!


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How to Capture the Moment with Art

How can we use art to savor the special times of our lives? The ways are practically limitless, so everyone can discover his or her creative outlet. Consider traditional artistic media, such as photography or painting. If you feel you don’t have an artist’s eye, try writing poetry or short stories. Blogging can also be an artistic way to record what has been going on in your life. If music is your thing, try writing a song about something that has had an impact on your life. Or you may prefer crafting or building something with your hands. Keep trying different art forms until you find your niche.


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How to Mix Art and Faith

Creating art is more than expressing yourself. It is a way to remember God’s providence in your life. Before starting a project, spend some quiet time with God. Ask God to open your heart and to guide your artistic endeavors. God is, after all, the master artist. Then, tap into your creative side. Don’t be afraid to stop and capture the moments that occur in your life each day.



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Think about a time when you felt close to God. Maybe a sunset or a friend drew you to the Lord. Then consider how you could transform this moment into a piece of art. Paint a picture, take a photograph, or write a poem. Hang it up in your room as a reminder to thank God every day for that special moment—and for all the special blessings in your life.


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Art and Photos courtesy of Shelby Hill

Shelby Hill documents the memorable moments of her life in Nixa, Missouri.

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