It Is Enough

Wessel Bentley

What we have is enough for Jesus.

We sometimes fail to respond to God’s call on our lives because we feel inadequate to the task—as if what we have to offer God will not suffice. I often hear stories of people’s call to ministry, of people believing that God wants them to be instruments of hope and love to others. Many list all sorts of reasons for their unworthiness of such a calling: not smart enough, inadequate experience, or no trust of people. They feel they don’t have what it takes. . . . Jesus can take what we have and make it enough.

We may walk this . . . road with excuses in our heart, reasons God cannot use us. Our self-inflicted reasons try to counter God’s power of transformation. Let us step out in faith and take the risk. Hungry multitudes await, and what we offer will be enough to reveal God’s love in God’s power and grace.


—From The Miracles of Jesus by Wessel Bentley. Copyright © 2012 by Wessel Bentley. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Upper Room Books.

Photo Credit: Randall Cottrell via Compfight cc

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