If You Feel Tempted to Cheat on a Test

  • Pray.
  • teen cheating on test2 TSP 79082594Ask a friend to help you study.
  • Weigh the risks.
  • Read the Bible: Try Proverbs 10:9.
  • Write down your top three priorities for today. Spend time on the first.
  • Trust God that the world doesn’t hinge on your test grade.
  • Get some exercise to clear your head.
  • Talk it over with someone who will give you wise counsel.
  • Study! Prepare ahead of time. Enjoy what you learn.
  • Just do the best that you can—honestly. Be proud of your accomplishment.
  • Always stand in integrity.

—from devozine (January/February 2002). Copyright © 2001 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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