Five Ways to Fuel Your Imagination

Von Mitchell

  1. Develop a can-do attitude, one that finds a way to succeed. Don’t focus on why something can’t be done; hone in on how it can be done.
  2. Power down the technology for a little while and see what happens. Technology is a wonderful tool for creative work, but it can also be a crutch. Try kicking it old school every so often. Remember: Walt Disney never used a cell phone, and he did great in the imagination department.
  3. Read a book. Go places you’ve never been; meet people you’ve never met. Interact with good books, and watch the creative sparks start to fly.
  4. Play. Step away from the homework, and play a game of ping-pong. Better yet, go outside and invent your own game. As Inventor-in-Chief, you get to make all the rules.
  5. Solve your problems without money. Having limited resources forces you to use your imagination and is sure to bring out the genius in you. Remember: Necessity is the mother of invention.


Do not neglect the spiritual gift that is in you.
1 Timothy 4:14a (GNT)

A healthy imagination sparks excitement, a zest for life, and a way to see beyond what is to what can be. Claim this gift from God, and use it often.

—from devozine (January/February 2016). Copyright © 2015 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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