It’s Relaxation Day!

Emily Hoffman and Rachel Spoelman

Do you have trouble relaxing? Let Emily Hoffman and Rachel Spoelman encourage you to give it a try!

Get Away

To relax, I go to the park and swing. The swings are my get-away, where I unwind from a hard day. When I sit in a swing and push off, my worries and fears seem to melt away.

Then Jesus said, “Let’s go to a place where we can be alone and get some rest.”
Mark 6:31b (CEV)

Swinging gives me time to be alone and to think. I can sort through my day and calmly put things in perspective. Then I love to pray, asking God to give me patience and strength to get through the next day.

If you need some time alone, why not go to the park and swing? I highly recommend it!

—Emily Hoffman


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THINK ABOUT IT: My mom has always said, “Time with God is not wasted time. It is the best-spent time in your day. There’s no need to rush because if you learn to put God first and to spend time with God, you’ll always have time for the other things you need to do.”


How do you “waste time” with God?

—Rachel Spoelman

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