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devozine Lara Main Press 2 FTRIn the beginning, God formed human beings in God’s image. Genesis 1:27 (NRSV) tells us: “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

What a privilege for us to bear a resemblance to our heavenly father! God wanted to create human beings with hearts and minds like God’s, capable of thoughts and feelings like God’s. However, as I go through my everyday life, I forget that the people I meet are made by God and for God, that people are sacred because they bear the image of God.


devozine NRI Baby and doctorNew Reality International

My trip to Haiti with New Reality International brought to the forefront of my mind the idea that all people bear the image of God. New Reality started when my sister Laila and I talked about wanting to take seriously Jesus’ prayer: “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10b, NRSV). Our first efforts were medical trips to Guatemala. Laila and her husband Joel, who is a dentist, came back from the first trip sick with worms but filled with joy, knowing that they were doing God’s will. We continued to step out in faith whenever we saw an opportunity, and God gave us more opportunities. The earthquake in Haiti created an immediate need. We had already been to Haiti with dental teams and knew how to get into the country and to respond. Doctors from around the world wanted to volunteer and partnered with us. New Reality International has served more than 13,000 patients through dental, surgical, and general medical care.


Seeing God

devozine NRI & excited KidsOn a trip shortly after the earthquake, I befriended a little boy with a big smile. He was dirt poor and limping from a recent injury. At first, I felt sorry for him; but as I spent more time with him, I saw God in this little boy. I saw God’s spirit in his loving attitude, despite his circumstances. I saw God’s grace in the way he raised his little hands to worship while enduring physical pain. I saw God’s promise in his beautiful eyes, filled with hope. I keep in my heart an image of the little boy. I learned from him that circumstances, poverty, physical disabilities, and injuries can’t put out the light of God in people.

Now as I go to the grocery store, the movies, or the park, I search for God in the faces of everyone I see. Every single person is created by God and bears the mark of God’s handiwork. Since my trip to Haiti, I’ve looked for God in all people, no matter who they are or what their circumstances might be.

I wrote the song “I See God in You” without knowing the true power of its message. Now I understand that seeing the image of God in others is at the core of being a true follower of Christ. God created each of us with care. I’m sure God is pleased when we recognize and treat one another as God’s valuable creations. God created human beings in God’s image. We have the privilege of interacting with God through everyone we meet.


devozine Lara Main Press 1 insideDIG DEEPER

Write down the names of five people in whom you’ve seen God. Find creative ways to let them know. Consider writing a note or dedicating the song “I See God in You” to them.

Then write down the names of a few people in whom you struggle to see God. Ask God to show you how to pray for them. Know that when you love them and serve them, you are doing the same for Jesus.

I also invite you to submit photographs and stories to the blog “I See God in You” and let them be a light to others.


Be sure to listen to “I See God in You” from Lara’s album Overcome.

Lara Landon is a singer, songwriter, daughter, sister, and lover of Jesus. Her passions include music, great food, photography, decorating, and travel.

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