Joy Adewumi, Mike Gadell, Juliana Jones & Bethany Acker

In everything set [others] an example by doing what is good.
—Titus 2:7 (NIV)

How might you set a good example for the rising generation?


Learn from Your Role Models

Growing up as the fourth child in a family of five children, I had brothers and sisters to look up to and learn from. As a budding adolescent, I would have given up on my faith if not for this “cloud of witnesses.”

At my lowest points, my older siblings were living proof of the power of faith; they always brought me back to a place of prayer. My siblings were my role models, and I am thankful for the ways God has used them to guide me through difficult times. Who are your role models?

—Joy Adewumi, 21


Pass Along Life Lessons

The knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of children are still being formed. Any time we interact with them—whether we are babysitting, volunteering at a day camp, or hanging out together at home—we have the opportunity to serve as mentor, teacher, and role model. We can pass along to the next generation the gifts we have received from those who came before. What life lessons have you learned that are important for young children to know? How might you help them learn those truths?

—Mike Gadell


Evaluate Your Actions

My “baby” sister is six years younger than I am. She’s spent lots of time following me around, doing what I do and saying what I say. Because she imitated me at home, I knew she would do the same out in the world. So I began to assess all areas of my life as honestly as I could: How did I talk with my friends? Was I kind? Did I gossip? Did I work hard in school? How did I interact with our parents? Did I do my chores without complaining? I learned a lot about myself from this practice. I am not a saint, but I am determined to give my all to this role model thing.

Do younger kids look up to you? Evaluate all areas of your world—home, school, work, church, activities. Decide how your words and actions affect those who are watching you, and make changes for the better.

—Juliana Jones



Leave a Lasting Impression

I want to be a good role model for my nieces and nephews. I want them to be brave, strong, and loving. I want them to have a sense of purpose in life. But I don’t always know if I am setting a good example for them.

If my life could inspire rising generations, I would want them to witness the power of love. I would want them to see that peace is the best option. I would want them to experience that grace is possible, that no mistake is too great to be forgiven. And I would want them to know that Jesus is the one they should look up to.

Jesus is the best role model we can have. Jesus loved everyone—no matter what. So I want my nieces and nephews and the next generation to look up to him as I do. And I hope that those who know me will be able to see Christ in me.

What lasting impression do you want to leave on the rising generation?

—Bethany Acker, 24

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