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When he’s on stage, it’s obvious that Mike Grayson, lead singer for the band MIKESCHAIR, loves proclaiming the gospel and that music is his vehicle.

MikesChair fence2“My youth pastor was passionate about music,” says Grayson, “and I fell in love with it. The next thing I knew, he was mentoring me to be a worship leader.”

Grayson was blessed as well with other people who showed him the importance of living a life that reflects the gospel. “My grandma has always been a prayer warrior and the foundation of faith in our family,” he says. “My mom is too. She had a quiet time every morning, reading the Bible and praying. I’ll never forget witnessing her devotions and seeing God through her.”

Grayson craved his own personal relationship with God. “From a young age, I’ve seen God work in my family and I’ve understood my own need for God. My connection to the Lord has always been genuine, which enables me to convey in a very real way what Jesus has done in my life.”

MikesChair lake2Grayson and his bandmates started MIKESCHAIR when they were students at Nashville’s Belmont University. They have gone on to become one of Christian music’s most successful bands, scoring hits such as “Let the Waters Rise,” “All for You,” and “Someone Worth Dying For.”

Have people told Mike they see God in him? “I hear that a lot after a show,” he says. “I write Christian music because it is the outpouring of my heart. I never wanted to write about anything else.” Grayson marvels at the way God lets him use music to reach people with the gospel. Even before MIKESCHAIR, Grayson used Christian music to share the gospel. “I drove a couple of people to school back in high school. I always played Christian music in the car. Sometimes people are more willing to listen to music than to step through the doors of a church. A lot of doors have been opened because of music.”

Yet, Grayson has found another important way to proclaim the gospel—being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in a hurting world.

MikesChair fence-bandHe started when he was in youth group. “Every summer we did a mission project,” he says. “One year was in our own city. The next year was somewhere in America, and the third year was out of the country. I grew up understanding that mission is part of what it means to be a believer.”

Early on, the members of MIKESCHAIR decided to use the platform God had given them to raise awareness of need. Today, Grayson and the band work with Buckner International and Shoes for Orphan Souls. “We’ve done four trips overseas—to Peru, Honduras, and Guatemala. We collect brand new shoes and take them to orphanages. To wash an orphan’s feet and give him or her a brand new pair of shoes is amazing.”

MIKESCHAIR also works with an organization that helps feed hungry children in the United States and overseas. “The Christian music community does an amazing job abroad,” he says, “but I’ve always felt a passion for meeting needs locally as well.”



MikesChair bricks FTRGrayson encourages young people to take a mission trip or to donate their time and resources to an organization they believe in, because showing God’s love to others is the best way to spread the gospel. “At different seasons of our lives we are going to show God’s love in different ways,” he says. “For me, a life verse is 1 Corinthians 13:1. ‘If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love,’ I’m basically just adding to the noise. What does life look like when our mission is not to add to the noise? If people see Jesus in me only on stage, that’s a problem. The challenge is to be Jesus for people in the everyday, even when they don’t know about my music. It’s a daily practice for sure.” How do others see Jesus in you?

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Deborah Evans Price is a Nashville-based freelance journalist and author who writes for Billboard, Rolling Stone Country, CMT and other outlets. Her current book is titled Country Faith.

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