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Shelby Hill

Art is a great way to document the moments of our lives. Paint a picture or write a poem, and instantly you have a reminder of where you’ve been. Art can also strengthen our relationship with God. All you need to do is focus your artistic projects on what God is doing and has done in our life.

Don’t think you’re much of an artist? Keep reading for some tips on how to be creative in your journey of faith.

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What to Capture

With art, you can  capture almost anything. But for a new outlook on your faith, consider basing your artistic endeavors on your favorite Bible verse, a recent journal entry, or something you saw this week that revealed God’s love for the world (a rainbow, a newborn baby, and so on). Start looking around for your own ideas. God has provided so many things to inspire us!

How to Capture

Dozens of media are available for creating art. Try painting, drawing, taking photographs, making collages, writing stories or poetry, knitting, woodworking, or making music. Be creative! If you’re not experienced in any of these media and you’re feeling a little lost, follow these steps to get your creative juices flowing:

Talk to God

Go outside and look at the sky, the trees, the birds flying. God, the Master Artist, created them all. Open your heart to God, and ask God to inspire you. Think about all of the amazing things God has done in your life. Don’t be afraid to put on paper what God has placed on your heart. Look around your house to see what art supplies. Crayons? Try them! Nothing but gel pens? You can work with them too. Talk to God while you work on your projects, and invite God to help you express yourself.

Try one of these ideas!

If you’re still not feeling very artistic, here are some ideas to get you going:

NaturePhotoExample 2


> Take a photograph of something in nature that reveals to you God’s creativity. 



Art_JournalExample 2



> Find a recent journal or prayer entry you’ve written. Paint it on a decorative piece of paper, or paste it on top of a photograph you’ve taken.

PaintingExample 2




Grab a devotional magazine that you have finished, and decopauge a canvas with some of your favorite pages and scripture passages. Finish it off by painting on top of the paper a message or quote you want to remember.




Make a graphic collage of photographs you have taken. Write over the images words that describe the virtues you want to cultivate or goals you want to achieve in your life.


Pick your favorite fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). Write a poem about what God has taught you about the importance of cultivating this particular fruit of the Spirit in your life.



Have you talked to God? Do you have an idea of the experience you want to capture? Then go ahead start creating memories of the moments God has given you!

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Art and Photos courtesy of Shelby Hill

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