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Enjoy these three original songs by devozine writers—now songwriters!


Alyssa soundcloud pixI always dreamed about writing my own songs, but I didn’t know how to play a musical instrument. When I joined the church youth group in high school, I became part of the praise and worship team and I learned to play the piano. Because I was thankful to God for my newly-discovered ability, I wrote my first song about dedicating my life to God.

If loving you means giving my life away,
If taking you means putting myself into shame,
then let it be, Lord.
Let it be, Lord.
Let me take my cross and follow you now,
for you made the sun shine for me,
you have given me air each time I breathe,
you made me live and gave me hope
by the love you have shown on the cross.
So I will love you,
and I will praise you,
and I will lift my hands to honor your name,

—Alyssa Pauline Rivera, 23  [Isabella, Philippines]



Nathans Song video image

While I was growing up, my older brother encouraged my faith. A few years ago, he decided that he was an atheist and announced that he no longer supported what I was doing with my life. My heart breaks to see how much he has changed. I wrote this song to remind me to keep living a life of faith. Hopefully, he will see in me the God whom right now he denies.

The river was calmer when we were younger.
My world was according to you.
We were on the boat together;
you were always much smarter,
and every word you’d say was true.

And you’d say:
“Row, sister, row; row a little more.
One day you’ll be to that blessed shore.
Peace and love are worth working for.
So row, sister; row for me.”

My arms would grow tired from life near such fire.
And you’d always inspire my soul.
As waves grew huge, you still wanted to choose
to work through the pain and just row.


Time goes and goes; and in between rows,
life got to you and you chose.
Time goes and goes; and in between rows,
you thought it through and you jumped.

Your silence screams to me.

Now you’re in the water; and I’m rowing harder,
wondering what the rowing was for.
You reject my boat, but I’m still afloat.
I am rowing, waiting for you.

Your silence screams to me.

Chorus 2:
I’ll row, brother, row; row a little more,
proving to you that I see the shore
and how peace and love are worth working for.
So I’ll row, brother; row for you.

—Melinda Perry, 23  [Carthage, Missouri]



Because Your Love video image fuzzy2During my senior year of high school, I had a conversation with a close friend who was struggling with family problems. When I told him I was praying for him, he simply replied, “I am thanking God already for the miracles God will perform.” I had always given thanks for the miracles God performs, but I had never thought of thanking God for miracles I had yet to see. I took my friend’s words and put them to music.

God, I praise you for the miracles
you have yet to perform.
But when you do, I’ll praise you more
because your love won’t let me down

Because your love has set me free
Because your love has rescued me
Because your love will heal the pain
Because your love is amazing

In this life of hurt and fear,
I know I’ve been brought down.
But I will look to you more
because your love—–it will provide


Because I know that you love me
and I know you’ll never leave
because your love will move the mountains
just to save a soul like me.

[Chorus—repeat twice]

—Katie Herath, 20  [Peoria, Illinois]



Think about something that changed your life. Was it a new ability, a changed relationship, a few words in a conversation? Then write a song, a poem, or a prayer, responding to the change and praising God.

-from devozine (September/October 2013). Copyright © 2013 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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