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Healing the Hate

Steve Matthews

The Kilaeua volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii started spewing lava on May 3, 2018. Initially, lava erupted from the summit. But since then, much of the…

08/01/19 at 07:59 AM

Who Are You?

Will Penner

“I am Malala.” These words were spoken by a young Pakistani girl in response to the armed Taliban militant who had pulled over the school bus on the…

07/30/19 at 12:48 PM


Hannah Beaven, 18

It was a damp and blustery 38 degrees outside. Nonetheless, I joined about 800 other people from the Evansville area…

07/29/19 at 07:56 AM

devozine Ashley Llerena FTR devozine Ashley Llerena FTR

Overcoming Fears about Witnessing

Elaine Creasman

Our high school mini-mester was coming up, and I had prayed a lot about where to go. (Mini-mester is short for “ministry semester,” a week off from school in…

07/28/19 at 07:56 AM

Causes of Discontent

Mary Lynn, Kristin, Jennifer, Savannah, Wesley & Lori

Always Wanting More

“What would you want if you could have anything?” The question was posed to a group of my friends. I thought they would dream of money, popularity,…

07/27/19 at 01:59 PM

devozine Graham-Douglass-SQ2 devozine Graham-Douglass-SQ2

Head Over Heels about . . . Me!

Graham Douglass

“You’re not good enough.” “Don’t even try.” “He is so much better than you.” Sound familiar?

07/25/19 at 07:54 AM

devozine dv1644054 devozine dv1644054

Be The Real You

Wesley Overhults

I was never one of the cool kids. I spent the first two years of high school feeling that I wasn’t…

07/24/19 at 11:40 AM


Alice Mayer

In Romans, Paul urges people to find hope and encouragement in scripture. Bible stories are full of people who are a lot like you and me—people who, with God’s…

07/24/19 at 07:59 AM

Your Attention Please!

Jackie Clark & Jim Still-Pepper

Imagine driving in rush hour traffic. Your radio is blaring, your cell phone is ringing,…

07/21/19 at 07:50 AM

Home Again

Tim Peach

“You moved back here from Los Angeles?” I was asked this question a million times when I moved back…

07/20/19 at 12:57 PM

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