Danika, Elizabeth M, Vicki, Olivia, Helmut, and Elizabeth C

Feed One Person at a Time

Matthew 25:31–46Hungry Children image says that one day we will stand before God and answer for our service. When we feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome strangers, clothe the naked, visit the sick or imprisoned, it is as if we were feeding, clothing, and visiting Jesus. How can you feed just one of the 8.5 million people in the world who do not have enough to eat?

—Danika Cooley

Keep Snacks in the Car

When we passed a homeless man holding a sign that said, “I’ve got nothin’,” God nudged us to take action. Mom rolled down the window and handed the man the leftover Chinese food we had in the car. His face lit up, and he bowed out of gratitude. Since then, we’ve kept granola bars in the car to give to hungry people we see.

—Elizabeth Mann, 20

Raid the Pantry at Home

When the doorbell rings and a beggar stands at the door, what do I do? I hurry to the kitchen and grab a few slices of bread, some fruit, and sometimes the leftover pizza. I cannot stop national hunger, but I can choose to help one person.

—Vicki Fourie

Pack Mobile Meals

At an event called “Feed My Starving Children,” my youth group packed meals to send to kids around the world. We have so much; but many people in third world countries don’t have food, clothing, or shelter. Why not share?

—Olivia Piazza, 15

Feed the Hungry imageDeliver Food and Good News

The northern part of Kenya, called Turkana, is dry most of the year; and the people living there experience extreme hunger. With other believers, I go to Turkana several times a year to share the word of God and to distribute food, water, and clothing.

—Helmut Wagabi



For a long time, I prayed, “God, what do you want me to do with my life?” And I waited for an answer to fall from the sky. One day, I seemed to hear a voice, saying, “Feed my sheep.” I remembered John 21:15–17, in which Jesus says to Peter, “Do you love me? Feed my sheep.” I realized that Jesus’ words were a call on all our lives.

God looks down on the world and sees hungry children, begging for food. The melodies of heartache and pain that flood the radio and the voice of a culture crying out for love are the songs of a hungry people. Drugs, violence, addictions, and break-ups are hunger pains. God has given us food to lavish on the hungry. God has given us the miracle of hope, grace, and perfect love. We carry the presence of Christ, which is light for a dying world; yet, because we are afraid of shining God’s light, millions of people go hungry.

Bread with heart FTR TSP 461876051“Feed my sheep” doesn’t necessarily mean “Go work in a soup kitchen” or “Start a food fund for a third world country.” It could also mean writing a song or a blog that gives voice to what God is doing in your life or starting a small group that encourages members to grow closer to God and to live out their faith. It could mean organizing a worship event, starting an art class, or buying a gift for a friend. Anything that releases the voice, light, and love of Jesus Christ is feeding his sheep.

How will you respond to hunger in our world?

—Elizabeth Cornell, 23

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