Practice Being Posi+ive

Tynea, Emoni, Addison, Matthew, Sarah, Kamilah, and Rachel

If you need to change a negative attitude, here’s help.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

Our attitude strongly influences how we get through tough times. So does the company we keep. When I spend time with people who are negative, I begin to adopt the same attitude. I see the bad in everything because it’s pointed out to me. When I surround myself with positive people, I begin to see God in difficult situations. My outlook begins to change. As I’m learning the importance of the company I keep, I’m also challenging myself to be more positive so that I can influence others in ways that please God.

—Tynea Lewis

Learn from a Role Model

The person who inspires me most is my mom. She pushes me and keeps me going strong when times are hard. Even when my life is fine, she finds ways to make it better. Mom is my role model. She is the strongest woman I know (and she’s been through a lot with me). Whatever happens, she is selfless and caring, putting others before herself. She is a joy to be around and always makes me smile. I can’t thank her enough; but I try to honor her through my accomplishments, in the way I treat other people, and by following her example.

—Emoni Williams, 17

Change Your Vocabulary

We get so busy that even the things we want to do become a burden. Practice changing your perspective: This week, take the words have to out of your vocabulary. Change “I have to take out the trash” to “I get to take out the trash.” You’ll be amazed at how positive your outlook will become.

—Addison Lander, 15, and Matthew Golden, 16

couple talking seriously2 TSP 95148732Find Someone Who Will Let You Vent

When negativity is not allowed and we’re expected to smile and be happy, the negativity simmers until we get angry. Expressing negativity once in a while and getting it out of our system is a good thing. When bad things happen, I talk with my closest friends, and we cheer one another up. Having someone acknowledge that it’s OK to vent puts me on the path to positivity.

—Sarah Klauda

Brighten the Lives of People Around You

We hear how youth can change the world, but it’s not an item we can write on our to-do list and check off before the weekend. So how do we begin? We can smile. I know it sounds simple, but a smile can be powerful. A smile calms fears and eases anxiety. So smile at the world; maybe it will smile back. At least, you will brighten the lives of people around you and make a difference in their day.

—Kamilah Asafa



Remember God Is with You

You didn’t hear the alarm and missed the bus. You left your homework on the kitchen table. And now you’re taking a pop quiz in Math. On days when nothing seems to go right, remember that God is with you, working to bring good in and through your life. Read Ephesians 4:22–24. Seek to change your attitude to one that pleases God.

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PRAYER: Lord, help us to know that every day is a good day because of what we learn and experience and because of what we give to others. Whatever happens, we know that you are with us, which is reason enough to be happy. Amen.

—Rachel Woodrume

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