QUIZ: How Well Do You Handle Jealousy?

Katrina Cassel

Does the green-eyed monster have a grip on you? Circle the response that comes closest to what you would do in each situation. Then find out where you stand.

1. You and your best friend try out for the basketball team. He makes it; you don’t. You . . .

     a. go to every game and cheer for him.

     b. practice daily so you’ll make the team next year.

     c. forget about your friend and basketball—and start hanging out with someone else.

2. You totally mess up your oral report about the Normandy invasion. Your archenemy does a flawless PowerPoint presentation. You . . .

     a. acknowledge that her presentation was superior.

     b. find out how to do a PowerPoint presentation to improve your next report.

     c. ask her who she paid to do her report—no way did she come up with that on her own!

3. Every year the Spanish classes are offered a chance to go to Spain. Your parents have said you can go if you save enough money from your part-time job. The girl who sits behind you in Spanish informs you that her dad has already paid for her trip and will provide her with spending money. You . . .

     a. tell her that is great for her, but your parents want you to learn to work for what you want.

     b. ask your boss for extra hours on the weekend so you can save up enough money.

     c. think it is unfair, and you stay home and save for something more fun and less expensive.

4. Your school is presenting The Sound of Music. You try out for the lead, but you get the part of one of the older children. You . . .

     a. decide to do the best you can with your part. At least you are in the play.

     b. do the best you can so that you can get a better part in the next production.

     c. decide not to be in the play. It would kill you to see someone else playing the lead.

5. Your friends are going the mall Saturday night, but you have to babysit your little brother. You . . .

     a. think about how you can spend the money you will make babysitting.

     b. hint that since you are babysitting this time, you should be allowed to attend the party after the basketball finale.

     c. forget about it. If your friends were real friends, they would keep you company while you babysit.

6. Because of your brother’s interest in military history, your parents announce that the family is going to spend your vacation visiting historical battlefields. No one asked where you wanted to go. You . . .

     a. find out what might interest you in each area.

     b. figure out how to see this trip as part of a history project

     c. ask if you can visit your grandmother instead. At least your brother is not her favorite.


How Did You Do?

devozine Theme Survey TS 95425582> Mostly As? Good for you. Rather than wishing you had another person’s possessions, talents, advantages, or privileges, you are happy for him or her and content with what you have.

> Mostly Bs? Your jealousy spurs you to acton. You are willing to work for what you want. Don’t forget to be thankful for what you already have.

> Mostly Cs? You are letting jealousy get the best of you. Be willing to work hard for what you want and be thankful for what you have. Contentment and determination beat the green-eyed monster every time.



READ Philippians 2:3–4.

PRAY: God, teach me to be content with what I have and to want the best for others. Amen.



Katrina Cassel creates her quizzes in Panama City, Florida.

—from devozine (January/February 2007). Copyright © 2006 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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