Tynea Lewis, Hope Harle-Mould & Lisa Luciano

Uncertainty can paralyze us. When we have a weighty decision to make, we might feel stuck, unable to move. But with God’s help, we can always take that first step. And then the next—and the next.


READY: Talk with God

Some of the most memorable trips I have taken were spontaneous. Being spontaneous is not in my nature, so deciding quickly to travel was a stretch. But I am so glad I did. Those trips made me realize that I worry about too many things and that I’m afraid of making the wrong decision. But I know that God doesn’t want me to be weighed down by worry or to live in fear of the unknown. No matter where I go, God is by my side. I know God will guide me and never leave me.

If you are deciding whether to go somewhere—to make a move, to attend college, to study in another country—don’t let fear stop you. Invite God into the decision. If God is nudging you to step out of your comfort zone, take that step of faith. God will be with you throughout the journey, and that will make it memorable.

—Tynea Lewis


SET: Choose Your Path

During the last hour of a long drive, I had entered a stream-of-consciousness state. The miles had droned by, and I had no memory of driving them. Then suddenly at mile marker 476, a message bubbled up from somewhere—an insight revealing deep truth, a question connecting me to a holy Presence.

Are you going to decide . . .
now . . .
to take the first step
along your new future,
toward your defining moment,
and set free the creative gift
you strive to offer to the world?
Are you?

At that moment, a red-tailed hawk emerged from the woods up ahead. I could tell that it was going to fly directly over me as I crossed under its path. And as the hawk’s shadow glided over my car, I felt blessed and empowered, by sacred wings, from above.

—Hope Harle-Mould


GO in Faith

Faith can be fearless. It gallops across a foggy bridge, not seeing the end of it. This faith will find a place to walk or run or swim—no matter what.

Faith can be tough. It doesn’t always know the end of the story, but faith won’t let fear keep it from turning the pages.

Faith can be a dreamer. It embraces invisible promises and unseen rewards.

Sometimes, faith can be fragile. Uncertain, it kneels, groping forward with feeble, aching limbs. It asks for help. It leans hard on Someone. And while leaning, it peers into the dark, takes a deep breath, and finally whispers, “Let’s go.”

God, teach us to say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid” (Hebrews 13:6, NRSV). Then certain of your presence, give us faith to whisper and then to shout: “Let’s go!”

—Lisa Luciano

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