To Rest or Not to Rest?

Paige, Leah, and Vicki

Try A Little R&R

Places to go, things to do, people to see is all too often the theme of my daily life. School, family, friends, clubs, sports make my days seem like a marathon of activities, each competing for a little more of my time.

What’s wrong with being busy? Busyness itself is not a problem, but I take pride in being busy. In my flurry of activities, I feel important—as well as stressed, tired, and exasperated. I’m a lot like Martha, who was “distracted by many tasks” (read the story in Luke 10:38–42). With our crazy schedules and impossibly long to-do lists, both Martha and I overlook the most important part of our lives: spending time with Christ.

devozine Hammock Rest FTR TS 92476872Rest and relaxation are important because they call us to turn away from the trivial tasks of the day and to allow ourselves to be rejuvenated in the Lord. Rest takes the focus off of us and puts it on Jesus, transforming our prideful hearts and frenzied minds so that we better reflect the love and peace of Christ. The next time you’re recklessly speeding forward with tasks to accomplish, take a moment to rest in Christ’s presence.

—Paige Reznikov, 19

Be Energized by Serving

After a long day of teaching Vacation Bible School, I was ready for a quick nap. I stretched out on my bunk and grabbed my Bible to read a few verses. Unfortunately, the Bible opened to Proverbs 6:9, (NRSV), which reads,
       How long will you lie there, O lazybones?
       When will you rise from your sleep?

Immediately, I wondered, Do I need this nap? I remembered some odd jobs that needed to be done in the kitchen and around the campgrounds. “Alright, God,” I agreed. “I won’t sleep yet.”

devozine Nap TS 77280921Later, as I flopped on my bunk, I counted the chores I had accomplished after God had booted me out of bed. The kitchen was swept and mopped, the chapel was vacuumed, dinner was served, the van was packed for tomorrow’s VBS, the bathroom was clean, and my teaching materials were neatly laid out beside my Bible. “Thank you, God.” I whispered as I snuggled into my sleeping bag. God had invigorated me with a will to serve. Even when I was tired, God filled me with new strength.

—Leah Bryan, 21



How Do You Recharge?

relaxing in the sun FTR2 179293260Some people recharge by resting. Others are rejuvenated by work or relationships. Some people like noise. Others crave silence. Some have a friend with them all the time. Others want to be alone. Some listen to music. Others read the Bible. Some journal, write songs, paint, or dance. We are all unique, and we all have different ways to relax and rejuvenate. Some people find energy in rest; others in service. Some connect with God in silence; others discover God in the people they meet.

Me? I like silence and alone time. I like to write. I enjoy nature rather than the noise and crowds of the city. Discovering the best ways to recharge has taken me quite a few years. If you are not sure what works for you, don’t worry. You have the rest of your life to journey with God and to figure it out. The point is to keep trying.

—Vicki Fourie

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