Serving God in a Career

Ana Fermín

In high school, I didn’t think I could have a career and serve in ministry at the same time. I thought I had to choose between the two because being a professional and working for God’s kingdom weren’t necessarily compatible. My parents, both pastors, encouraged my siblings and me to put our talents to good use in careers about which we felt passionate. My sister chose psychology; my brother, music production; and I, journalism and media.

I believe that if people are well informed about what is going on in the world, they are able to make better decisions. Journalism is important because it makes information accessible to people.

Imagine how terrible I felt when I heard someone say that journalism and Christianity can’t mix and that true believers who are journalists are playing with fire because the media tend to have serious ethical problems. The last thing I wanted was to fail God, so I struggled as I tried to figure out whether a career in media was right for me.

Newspaper2 TSP 142599861I was thankful to learn that God is as excited about our careers as we are and that God wants us to use our careers for good. I trusted that my interest in the field of journalism was no accident. Despite my doubts, I stuck with it.

My first job after college was as an editorial assistant for a daily newspaper. I was young, excited, and overwhelmed. During the first few weeks, I received an email from my uncle, who is the executive director of a major newspaper in my native Dominican Republic. After welcoming me to the world of journalism, he said, “Make Jehovah the Lord of your vocation.” Those words forever changed how I approach my career.

Realizing that God is in control of my career not only helped to calm my nerves at the time, but has continued to guide me in making professional decisions. I am encouraged by my uncle, a man of great faith, who has had a successful career as a journalist and is respected for the way he does his job. God has surrounded me with people of faith, including an editor who is now a minister and co-workers who get together for Bible study during lunch. I have also spent some time doing public relations for The Salvation Army, a Christian organization.

Radio DJ2 TSP 135564444Today I am using my journalism and media skills to oversee a radio and television ministry for New Day Global Missions. I also write about Christianity for various publications.

God is using my career and my background to spread God’s message of love and salvation to many people. I wish I could talk to the person who made me doubt my career choice and explain that God has been faithful in my professional life. My career hasn’t compromised my faith or led me away from God. Rather, being a journalist has allowed me to honor God through my work.



Servants of God, working in many different fields, are using their positions and their resources to help their communities. Chefs feed the poor; accountants do free tax returns; doctors treat the uninsured. This weekend, make a list of the careers you are exploring. How can you honor God by helping others through each of them? Keep the list as you pray for God’s guidance.

Ana Fermín is communications director for New Day Global Missions in Rochester, New York. Her work requires her to use English, Spanish, and Spanglish on a daily basis.

—from devozine (March/April 2013). Copyright © 2013 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.
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