Stuff about Snobs

Jeffrey A. Rasche

When they insult you, walk up to them and look them in the eye. Suddenly plant a kiss on one cheek as if they’ve said the most precious thing you’ve ever heard.

Vain Teen Girl2 TSP 100408776What’s Good about Snobs?

  1. You don’t have to guess how much money they have; they’ll tell you.
  2. When you’re talking about something important and they interrupt, it saves you time.
  3. When they put you down in public, it gives your real friends a chance to rush to your defense.
  4. They look so cute when they crinkle up their noses at you and do that little sniff that says,
    “You’re nothing.”
  5. If you’ve never felt your skin crawl, they provide you with a new experience.
  6. They offer examples of the kind of person you hope you never become.


How to Deal with Snobs

  1. When they insult you, walk up to them and look them in the eye. Suddenly plant a kiss on one cheek as if they’ve said the most precious things you’ve ever heard. Say, “Thank you so much for saying that.” Then walk away.
  2. Smile and wink at them as if you two share a secret or a private joke.
  3. Smug Teen Guy FTR TSP 87677436Say, “Well, evidently you haven’t heard.” Refuse to say anything more. Not being in on the latest information drives snobs crazy.
  4. Respond to put-downs by saying, “You know, if you want to be cool, you’d better tie your shoes.” When they look down, say, “I guess I got you too.”
  5. Ignore snobby remarks. Pretend you didn’t hear; simply continue doing whatever you were doing. Snobs don’t like being ignored; they need to be noticed to feel important.
  6. Give them your leftovers from lunch. Stuff your half-eaten sandwich into an envelope, and ask someone to give it to them as an anonymous gift. Don’t put your name on the envelope; snobs hate to feel indebted to someone they feel is inferior.
  7. Get a picture of them. Copy the picture or scan it into your computer. Add a gorilla body; change their hairstyle. Be creative. It will make you feel better. But don’t send it to them!
  8. Try to understand and forgive them. Forgiving is difficult; and it might not help them change, but it might.

Once the disciples asked Jesus how many times they should forgive. They were thinking maybe seven times, but Jesus said to forgive seventy times seven. That’s 490 times. Most snobs offend that many people every day! If you want to get past the snobbishness and find out what snobs really want and need and maybe even establish a sincere and honest friendship, that’s great. Just remember, it may take lot of patience and forgiveness. So after 490 times, go for the computer, get out the gorilla picture, and get to to work!



Read and reflect on Romans 12:9-21.

PRAYER: Dear God, snobs irritate me; their remarks hurt me. Give me insight to understand them and faith to believe that you work in their lives as well as in mine. Snobs are hard to forgive. Remind me that they may need to be loved, especially if many other people react to them the way I do. Give me the love of Jesus Christ so that I can be a blessing even to people who irritate me and treat me poorly. Amen.

Jeffrey A. Rasche is a pastor and writer in Camp Point, Illinois.

—from devozine (September/October 2001). Copyright © 2001 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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