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Katy Mills

It’s not like one day you decide to get pregnant. It’s a series of compromises, small decisions that lead to a big consequence; and that moment, when you find out you’re having a baby, everything changes forever. —Jenna

MTV’s hit show, Teen Mom, portrays the stereotypical scenarios that surround a girl who gets pregnant—conflict with parents, changing social life, financial stress, being abandoned by a boyfriend, frustration with trying to finish school. However, the real issues with teen pregnancy are deep matters of the heart that rarely get addressed by pop culture. I recently sat down with a few young women from His Caring Place, a crisis maternity home, to get their perspectives on the issue of teen pregnancy. Here’s what they had to say:


“I got pregnant the first night I had sex. That one night of drinking with friends changed the course of my life forever. . . . If you don’t stay closely connected to God and have strong accountability in your life, what seem like tiny physical compromises in a relationship can lead to huge regrets.” —Jenna

“One of the biggest things for me was the long-term relationship damage. Even though I made things right with God, many Christians in my life haven’t looked at me the same since I became a young single mom. Dealing with judgment has been difficult. I feel like all of us struggle with sin of some kind; mine just happened to be sticking out obviously. I need help learning how to be a parent, not more rejection.” —Chrissy

“At age 14, my mom wasn’t around and I was staying at my grandma’s. There was a lot of sexual abuse in my childhood, and I didn’t feel like I had much worth. Having sex wasn’t a big decision for me; it was a way to feel like someone wanted me. Getting pregnant was the wake-up call God used to lead me to him. I placed my daughter up for adoption with a wonderful family, and now my life is on track for the first time.” —Alicia

“My dad abused my sister and me, and I never felt I could trust anyone again. I met my boyfriend when I was fourteen. He was four years older and promised to take care of me. When I got pregnant, my mom had me schedule an abortion; but I couldn’t go through with it. My baby’s heart was beating at three weeks, and I kept thinking about that as I sat and waited in the clinic. I couldn’t do it. I knew having a kid was a huge responsibility I wasn’t ready for; but I also felt that what I believed, my morals, couldn’t change just because now it was happening to me. So I trusted God to help me, and I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.” —Rachel

His Caring Place

Teen moms have few resources, little positive attention, and even less hope. Discovering they are pregnant is a devastating moment. Friends don’t always know how to react, and parents often are unprepared to handle the situation. Many organizations are trying to walk alongside young mothers through this painful journey.

his-caring-place-ftr-img_0289I am on staff at His Caring Place in south Florida, where pregnant teens are able to have their babies in a supportive and safe environment. The mission of the organization is “Saving Lives, Two at a Time.” We encourage young women to find God’s plan for their lives, whether that includes single parenting or adoption, and to create goals for their future. Our real hope is that young women will safely complete their pregnancies, receive prenatal care and education, and learn to break the damaging cycles associated with teenage parenting. We help pregnant teens answer the real question they face in choosing to give their child life: Who will be there for me after the baby is born? We trust God to walk beside them as they go through the crisis, to restore and redeem the broken pieces of their lives, and to use them for God’s purposes. And yet, all of us can be a part of the solution. As you encounter teens who are facing an unplanned pregnancy, allow God to minister to them through you. Use your voice to advocate for pregnant teens and their unborn children, for those who cannot speak for themselves.



Struggling to provide a way to live and raising a child alone, a teen mother today is like a widow in biblical society. Read James 1:27. How is the Lord calling you to care for or to speak up for “widows and orphans” today?



—Photos of His Caring Place moms and babies courtesy of Aura Anthony

Katy Mills , Director of Outreach/Development for His Caring Place, has been working with teen mothers and advocating for life since 1999. Her hope is that Christians respond to the issue of unplanned pregnancy as Jesus would, with grace and action.

—from devozine (May/June 2011). Copyright © 2011 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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