The Courtesy Quiz

Jeff Rasche

devozine Theme Survey TS 95425582Rate each of the items below on a scale from 1 (Nice! I would like that to happen to me) to 10 (Rude! I would be offended if someone treated me that way).



 ___ A voice mail greeting says, “Hello,” then leaves a long pause before saying, “I’m sorry I missed your call.” The “hello” at the beginning of the message tricks you into thinking someone has answered. After talking for a while, you realize the voice was recorded.

___ At your birthday party, someone leans over and blows out the candles before you have a chance.

___ When you say, “Hi, how are you?” the other person answers, “I’m fine,” and walks away.

___ Someone walks up to you and asks, “Do you want to borrow my comb?”

___ Someone speaks to you in a voice loud enough to get curious looks from nearby strangers.

___ A person consistently says “please” and “thank you.”

___ In anger, someone calls you a name.

___ Someone behind you pretends to sneeze and, at the same time, flicks water in your hair.

___ Someone makes you a pan of brownies, but one is missing.

___ You are watching TV with another person, who surfs through the channels without asking what you want to watch.

___ A friend smacks gum in your ear.

___ Instead of eating a candy bar in front of you, a friend offers you half.

___ Someone offers you half a candy bar and then eats it.

___ At a meal, the other person stops eating long enough to look at you and to listen to what you’re saying.

___ Someone belches loudly, then says, “Thank you” instead of “Excuse me.”

___ Your hands are full, and someone opens the door for you.

___ Your hands are full, and someone slams the door in your face.

___ Someone says, “You’re welcome” before you say, “Thank you.”

___ At a meal, the other person puts gum on the plate, eats, and then puts the gum back in his or her mouth.

___ The person you’re dining with “forgets” to leave a tip.

___ Someone is late for practice and explains by telling a long story.

___ As you recount something important that happened to you, another person interrupts to “one up” you, saying, “Oh, that’s nothing. Let me tell you what happened to me!”

___ In a crowded elevator, someone makes a sound like a whoopee cushion.



Total your ratings to find out.

If You Scored . . .         You Are . . .

          23                         off the charts rude!

      24–50                       in dire need of charm school.

      51–100                     lucky to have friends.

    101–150                     getting the hang of the courtesy thing.

    151–194                     a member of the Golden Rule Club.



Courtesy comes from a concept rooted in Jesus’ teachings: “Do to others what you would have them do to you” (Matthew 7:12a, NIV). This is a great guide for making and keeping friends and for showing God’s love in our daily interactions. Most people like to be treated with courtesy and respect. If you don’t care how you make people feel, then your rudeness will most likely be followed by loneliness. But if you want to build stronger relationships, simple courtesies are a great way to start.

Listening Teen TS 117872812PRAYER: God, forgive us for the ways we may have offended others. Help us grow in faith in ways that show your love. Teach us to listen when others speak and to show respect in our actions. Thank you for those who treat us with kindness, respect, and gentle care. Enable us to be courteous and kind to everyone around us. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

Jeff Rasche lives in Camp Point, Illinois, and is a member of the Golden Rule Club.

—from devozine (July/August 2010). Copyright © 2010 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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