Top 11 Signs You Might Be So Vain

Jeff Rasche

devozine Coffee TS 1014273081. You see “clouds in your coffee.” Nobody knows what that means, but Carly Simon made the line famous with her song “You’re So Vain.” If you know what it means, you are probably “so vain.”

2. You lose track of time when you’re in front of a mirror. People bang on the bathroom door, tell you they have to get ready for school, or beg you to come downstairs for dinner; but you just can’t quit staring.

One of your favorite lines is “I can’t wait for tomorrow, because I get better looking every day”—and you think it’s true.

4. You ask for a phone number that spells out Butiful or The Best.

5. You give yourself a nickname that helps other people appreciate your importance.

6. When you get in an elevator with a stranger, you step to the back and expect the other person to punch the buttons to deliver you to your next location. (People serving you seems as natural as clouds appearing in your coffee.)

Vain Teen Girl2 TSP 1004087767. You secretly ask your mirror, “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” (By the way, if it talks back, that’s a bad sign!)

8. You search the Internet for your name to see how many hits you come up with, and you worry about the character of other people with the same name.

9. You often post a funny, wise, wonderful status on Facebook and constantly check back to see how many people “LIKE” it.

10. When you overhear people talking—“What a great sense of humor!” “How cool!”—your first thought is to wonder if the conversation is about you.

11. You tell your friends everything about your daily life in great detail, but you have no clue what is happening in their lives.



Read Matthew 20:20–28. When we were babies, everyone in our world existed to serve us. They made us comfortable, fed us, changed us, served our every need. We tend to hold on to a baby’s view of the world until something happens to change it.

Smug Teen Guy FTR TSP 87677436Meeting Jesus jolts us out of thinking that the world revolves around us. What if other people are important too? What if God is most important? Our beliefs change the way we look in the mirror, at the world, and at all the people in it. They were not born to worship us, make us feel good, or wait on us hand and foot. Jesus could have expected service—he was, after all, God’s only Son—but Jesus came into the world to serve others. God expects us to follow Jesus’ example. When you look in the mirror, do you see someone who loves other people and is willing to make sacrifices for them? Then you see someone who is great in God’s eyes.

The change from a baby’s view of the world to a Christian view of the world is a life-long struggle. The importance of me returns over and over again. Look in the mirror. See beyond you to the God who made you and loves you. Try to remember that everyone looks in the mirror and sees someone God loves.

God, teach us to put you first, others second, and ourselves third so that we serve you and others as Jesus did. Amen.

Jeff Rasche , a pastor who works with abused and neglected children, is pretty amazing! (No clouds in his coffee!)

—from devozine (July/August 2013). Copyright © 2013 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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