Lori Scott

  1. Develop a sense of humor. Everyone appreciates someone who can make him or her laugh.
  2. Talk with and listen to your date. Texting and Facebook may be fun and even helpful, since you can delete words before you put your foot in your mouth; but never underestimate the power of face-to-face conversation.
  3. Check your bad attitude at the door, and remember your manners. Though they may not admit it, many people find modesty and politeness appealing.
  4. Be honest. This includes being yourself.
  5. Practice generosity—not just with money or time, but with patience, understanding, encouragement, and forgiveness.
  6. Respect boundaries. Where none are apparent, make thembefore the first date so you’re not caught off guard later on.
  7. When together, don’t get distracted. Nothing says “I’m interested” like appreciation for the little things another person does for you.
  8. Don’t rule out inexpensive dates or group dates. A picnic and a stroll in the park can be as much fun as dinner and a movie. Group dating eases the awkwardness of getting acquainted and the stress of being the center of attention.
  9. devozine Couple Talking TS 86486155Cultivate the fruit of the Spirit named in Galatians 5:22–23. Healthy fruit lends itself to a healthy relationship.
  10. Make God the center of your relationship. Invite God to be a part of all that you do.


PRAYER: God, teach us how to love and respect one another in all of our relationships. Amen.

–from devozine (March/April 2010). Copyright © 2010 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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