True Friends

Cara Sanders, 18

Senior year has been full of changes. I have faced college applications and decisions, rounds of lasts (such as the last dance recital), and thoughts of leaving my family and friends. My last year in high school has been tough, but it has also opened my eyes. Now that I’m a senior, my group of friends is pretty set. I know who is going to be there for me.

Senior year has been full of trials. Recently, my grandfather was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I am facing his death, and I’m trying to keep my feelings in balance while I cope with my busy schedule. I have been increasingly dependent on my friends to help me get through this time; and in recent weeks, their care for me has been exceptional. The night I learned my grandfather’s diagnosis, my future roommate, Sandy, called me and immediately sent a care package. Though she lives in a different city, she came through for me when I needed her most.

devozine Friends Star TS 93492251My core group of eight friends have been with me through other difficult times as well. I know that they genuinely care about me and about what is going on in my life. Our friendship has not been selfish or based on false pretenses. We are straightforward with one another. We give to one another without expecting anything in return.

These friends have taught me the difference between true friends and wannabe friends. True friends are there for me in every situation. Wannabe friends remain by my side only when life is easy and fun. Wannabe friends don’t stick around when times get tough and I need someone to lean on. True friends keep me away from wannabe friends.

Due to my stressful situation, I have been increasingly selfish lately. I firmly believe that God has given me a great group of friends as a reminder that God will never give me a load heavier than I can carry and that I don’t have to carry it alone. I have felt God’s presence in my friends. I see God’s work in their talents, personalities, and abilities. Each one of them brings perspective to my life and joy that is unmatched.

I am thankful for the challenges of my senior year. My relationships have been tested and have proven to be strong. God has led me through difficult times and has given me all that I need: my parents, my brother, and my true friends.



Look over the last year and the challenges you have faced. Then think about your friends. Who are the friends that stayed with you when times got rough? Who left when you needed them most? The friends who stayed with you are there for a reason. Thank God for your true friends.

Cara Sanders, 18 , is a freshman in college. When she’s not dancing, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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