Ali, Harrison, Hannah, Emily & Hope

How has God our Creator blown your mind?


Showing Up in Chemistry

Going to Catholic school, I had to take a religion class every day. Sometimes we would journal about how we saw God in our lives. I never really took this exercise seriously—until one day in chemistry class. We were studying the complex electron configurations of atoms. Unable to solve some ridiculous equation, I thought, Who made this so complicated? Then I realized—God did. God created the atoms that make up our entire existence. God created our planet and placed it the perfect distance from the sun. God created all things to work together in perfect harmony. We only have to look at this beautiful world to see God’s love and compassion in every corner of it.

—Ali Southard, 20


Tucking a Bit of Extraordinary into the Everyday

Powerful roots clutch the wet earth, sucking dirty water out of the soil below. They slurp it upward into the soft wood of the trunk, which grows denser as it expands. The immobile trunk splits into smaller offshoots that stretch into the sky, splitting again and again until they become mere twigs, minuscule versions of their ancestor. What little water arrives at the tips of each twig trickles through green veins beneath the thin skin of the leaves that soak in sunlight from millions of miles away. Then they transform water and light into energy that feeds the entire tree. God’s majesty can be seen in the common things.

—Harrison Pennell, 18


Loving Us More than All the Stars

The Milky Way contains about 300 billion stars. Multiply that by billions of galaxies—can all those stars possibly be counted? The sheer magnitude of space is staggering. How can we possibly comprehend the God who created it? Remember that the God who holds the universe together cares for us. God’s love for each of us far exceeds the power required to set the galaxies in place.

—Hannah Meyer, 22


Encoding a Message in the Majestic

When I visited Niagara Falls, the sheer amount of water that surrounded me was mind-boggling. I gazed at the falls, wondering what prompted God to create such a marvelous site. Perhaps God wanted to say, “You think I’m not real? You think I can’t handle any situation you face? Look at these falls—how powerful and majestic they are. I created them using only my words. Have no fear. I can take care of you.” The power and beauty of Niagara Falls remind me that we are created in God’s image. We too are beautiful, created to reflect God’s love and beauty to the world.

—Emily Baer, 22


Meeting Us in Prayer

Creator God,
you who lit the fires of the Big Bang,
who set the galaxies spinning,
who exploded great stars to form the complex molecules
that formed our solar system and our bodies,
you who guided creation toward greater consciousness
and who are actively creating still:
Open us to the awe and wonder of the abundance and beauty
and diversity of life on this, our home planet.
Open us to the valuing of all species,
that we may come to understand their part in your purpose.
Open us to see all things as holy
and to listen to the ways you communicate with us—
through people, events of nature, and your creatures.
We pray in the name of Jesus,
who used parables from the natural world
to teach us of the kingdom of God. Amen.

—Hope Harle-Mould

—from devozine (November/December 2019). Copyright © 2019 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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