Winners of the What to Wear Challenge

We asked: What does what we wear say about who we are? what we believe? how we live?

Thanks to all of you who took the challenge to creatively answer these questions—and congratulations to the top 3 slogan designers!

1st Place




T-shirt 1 webBenjamin Miller
Seattle, Washington



As I try to follow Christ, I don’t always see the next step or know where God is leading me. Sometimes, I ask God for a sign or for direction so that I can do the right thing; but God doesn’t always answer me in ways I can see or hear. In these moments, 2 Corinthians 5:7 reminds me that God is with me and will never fail me, that I simply need to trust that God is working through me and through those around me to help us learn to walk by faith.


2nd Place

Quest youth group2


Quest—Youth Group of Central UMC
Mount Airy, North Carolina

T-shirt 2 web




Quest, the youth group at Central United Methodist Church, includes about 15 young people, all of whom are actively involved in their community, their school, and their church. Inspired by Acts 28:31 to boldly proclaim the good news of Christ, Quest created their slogan design using basic html coding to make the “B” bold. The message is simple and yet powerful: In everything, even in what your wear, Be Bold in your faith!


3rd Place

Angelina2 100_1704


Angelina Palumbo
T-shirt 3 webMentor, Ohio



We are all called and chosen. In God’s eyes, we are all beautiful and perfect. Yet, when we are hurt, depressed, angry, or sad, it’s hard to believe that we are loved. When everything is going wrong, we may think that God doesn’t care. I chose this slogan design because I want everyone, especially teens, to know that God loves each one of us. God cares deeply about us and will never abandon us. God has chosen us and has called each of us by name.




How would you answer the “What to Wear Challenge” questions? What slogan would you create to express how you connect with God and live out your faith? Each day, as you decide what clothes and gear to wear, consider how everything you say and do might reflect your answers.


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