Working Out Together

Kate Gutierrez & Richard Lawton

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  1. Choose a workout buddy. Ask a good friend not only to keep you accountable, but also to join you in working out. Having a buddy to work out with, especially when you’re tired, often brings greater success.
  2. Stick to a regular schedule. Healthy habits take time to form. Consistency is vital. Choose the days of the week and a time of day that best fit your schedule, and follow through.
  3. Mix up your routine. Are you bored with walking or jogging? Give weight training or swimming a try. Your body will be strengthened best if you give your muscles variety.
  4. Get enough sleep. Getting up early isn’t crazy if that’s what you prefer. However, getting the sleep you need, the recommended number of hours of sleep for your age, is important.
  5. Listen to music. Sometimes working out is boring. Help to pass the time by listening to your favorite music or books. Or try listening to a book of the Bible.
  6. hydrate2 TSP 176989486Eat right and drink water. Studies show that not eating healthy food or drinking enough water are among the top reasons people become ill or exhausted and give up workouts altogether. Hydrate yourself before and after workouts.
  7. Keep a journal. A handwritten or an online record of your workouts will provide a way to look back and to plan ahead.
  8. Set short- and long-term goals. Our society is impatient. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing or feeling the results of your workouts. Focus on getting healthy, meeting short-term goals while working your way up to long-term goals.
  9. Understand your reasons. Recognize why you’re working out. Overall health is key; but if your goal is weight loss or something else, tell a parent or friend so you don’t go to unhealthy extremes.
  10. Pray. Ask God to strengthen not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well.

—Kate Gutierrez

Fitting in Fitness

Early morning walk Ftr TS 142397968Ever think, I don’t have time to get fit! Actually, we all have twenty-four hours every day. The question is this: How do we spend our time? We need to sleep, eat, shower, dress. After adding school, work, relationships, travel, and church, we still have hours left in the day. What do we do with them? We can fit in time for fitness by choosing one or two activities and making them priorities. I combine activities for physical and spiritual fitness. I try to walk an hour each day. I also try to pray each day, reviewing my day with God and praying for my extended family, the members of my church, the people I meet. So why not do them at the same time? I have a few standard walking routes, so I don’t need to pay close attention to the path; and walking helps me to concentrate on my prayers. So I pray as I walk. Walking helps my fitness and gives me the time and concentration to pray, promoting my relationship with God and with the people I hold in prayer. It’s all part of a healthy lifestyle. —Richard Lawton

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What are your tips for getting healthy? Post them below so that we all can be inspired. If you need a little encouragement to get started, find a fitness buddy and try to stretch body, mind, and spirit this week.

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