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Last week, God gave me an idea for a song. The idea came as I was thinking about the Israelites’ marching around the walls of Jericho, singing, shouting, and making all sorts of noise to make God’s promises known. I didn’t understand why God would want me to write a song about Jericho; but as I started digging into the song, I discovered that this Bible story applied to me more than I had thought.

We are called to sing praises to God no matter what. One line of the song says, “This is the time of our Jericho,” which means that this is our chance to break down the walls that separate us from God and to be unashamed about singing our praises. I believe God is calling us to trust the promises and to find joy in lifting our voices to the Lord.

—Dale Lipscomb, 22


Finding My Way

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I wrote this song during a rough patch in my life, knowing that faith in Christ was the only thing that could save me.

What are you saying?
What does this mean?
The more I keep praying,
everything becomes more obscene.

My life is a wreck;
my heart is in pieces.
I’m just a tiny speck;
I’m disappearing in the creases.

Every time that I think
we’re beginning to get close,
my heart starts to sink,
and I feel you oppose.

I don’t like this game.
The pain runs too deep.
I don’t know who to blame,
but evil starts to creep.

I feel like I’m fading
and leaving your sight.
I find myself debating,
and I have the need to fight.

I want to feel your love.
I want to have your guidance.
Please come down from above.
Please lead me to repentance.

Engulf me in your grace.
Lead me with your glory.
Please hold me in your embrace,
and know that I am sorry,
that I am sorry.

—Samantha Woodard, 17


All You Need

devozine Guitar Guy FTR TSP 144719000In August 2010, my uncle, Richard Fortner, passed away suddenly. My uncle meant the world to me, and his death was difficult for my family to bear. One evening as I was playing the guitar, the Holy Spirit inspired me. Words began to flow out of me, and I hurried to write them down. In that moment, I felt assured that God was at work to bring good out of all the pain my family was experiencing.

The song I wrote that night is called “All You Need” and is written from Jesus’ perspective. Here is an excerpt:

I am all you need, when you cannot see
the way it should be, because you belong to me
I am all you need, when you cannot find
the reason to be, but you belong to me

If you are searching for new ways to connect to Jesus or to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, write down your thoughts. You don’t have to write a song or a poem; write whatever you are feeling at the time—just be honest with yourself and with the Lord.

—Kinsey Sigman, 18


devozine Sing! 2 TSP 146816384DIG DEEPER

The gift of music is one we should treasure. Music inspires us, lifting us up in times of need, comforting us in times of sorrow. Music makes us laugh. It fills us with hope and with love. Music brings together people from around the globe. The next time you hear a favorite song, thank God for music. Or try your hand at writing a new song that expresses your emotions or praise.

—Wesley Overhults

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