Katy Steele, 24

Since getting to know my new friend, I had heard her mention Zac, her ex-boyfriend, several times. We were at dinner one night with a group of friends, and everyone was talking. I, however, had apparently zoned out of the conversation; and I checked back in at the wrong time. I heard my friend say her ex-boyfriend’s name as she held up a photo on her computer. I glanced up quickly and was all too ready to assure her that she was better off without this guy who had broken her heart. “Oh, you can do much better than that. He’s not even that cute!”

Everyone at the table looked stunned. “Katy,” someone finally said. “That’s not her ex-boyfriend Zac; that’s Zac!” She pointed to our friend Zac, who was sitting across the table from me.

To answer before listening—that is folly and shame.
Proverbs 18:13 (NIV)

While I had been zoning out, my friends had carried on a conversation about how different we all looked a few years ago. Zac, who had changed most of all, was nearly unrecognizable in the old photo. I felt so ashamed of my quick words and my lack of judgment.


TAKE THE ADVICE OF SCRIPTURE: God advises us over and over again, in the Book of Proverbs, to be careful with our words, to respond thoughtfully, and to be slow to speak. Read Proverbs 17:27a, 21:23, 29:20, and 30:32.

—from devozine (March/April 2016). Copyright © 2016 by The Upper Room®. All rights reserved.

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