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Friend Request

In today’s devo, Jessica Lippe challenges us to think about social networking and friendship. Take a minute today to check your friendship status:

  1. devozine FB Like small TS 136579577How many friends do you have on Facebook?
  2. How many of them do you see or keep in touch with (other than through Facebook) on a regular basis?
  3. How many of them do you not know well enough to strike up a conversation if you ran into them today?
  4. How many do you not know at all?
  5. Has Facebook redefined what you mean when you call someone friend?


Social networking isn’t the same as enjoying face-to-face encounters with friends; but technology can be used to cultivate friendships, to stay in touch with friends and relatives, to send encouraging messages, and to introduce friends to one another.

How do you use social networks to encourage deeper friendships and to build up the body of Christ?

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