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Got Respect?

In “Take Me Seriously,” young people talk about when and why they have experienced adults not taking them seriously. Has that ever happened to you?

devozine would like to hear from you, so please tell us your story in one of these ways:

>> Start the Conversation: Post a comment below about when or why you think adults don’t take you seriously. And feel free to reply to someone else’s post.

>> Tell Us What Works: If you have made some headway with the adults in your life, post some advice for the rest of us about how to get adults to listen to you and to respect your opinions.

>> Make It a Youth Group Conversation: Invite your youth group to talk about this issue as the FYBY members did in the article “Take Me Seriously.” Then post your stories or advice below. Or better yet — videotape the conversation and post it in our Creative Work section.

>> Interview an Adult You Trust: Explore how you can be taken more seriously, and post below a few of the things you learn. Here are some questions to guide your conversation:

  • Are there things I’m doing that keep adults from taking me seriously?
  • Are there things I already do that help adults take me seriously?
  • When and how do you experience my giving you respect?
  • What can I do differently so that my voice is heard and respected?
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