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devozine is looking for creative young people to serve on our 2018-2019 TEEN ADVISORY BOARD. Find out what’s involved, and apply TODAY—April 30, 2018!

Here’s what a few of our current and former Teen Advisory Board (TAB) Members have to say about working with devozine:

Jeni Fjelstad 130-140“Being a devozine TAB member allows me to use my gifts as a writer to help connect other teens with God. I learn so much about myself and my relationship with God by going more deeply into the topics. I think it’s a great idea for any teen to apply to serve on the TAB. It’s a  fun job! It brings you closer to God! And it’s cool to work with people from all over the world!” —Jeni Fjelstad, South Dakota

Austin Smith 130x140

“I enjoy being able to be part of devozine, which is sent all over the world and guides people day by day through faith in Christ and reading scripture. If you enjoy helping and inspiring others, serving on the Teen Advisory Board for devozine is perfect for you!” —Austin Smith, Missouri

Mara Cobb 130x140“Working on devozine allows me to be a missionary right where I live. I am editing layouts and creating posts for devozine‘s social networks. I help to select covers that will inspire teens to pick up devozine and read it. My work on the TAB gives me the opportunity to make an impact in the world.” —Mara Cobb, Kentucky

Lemuel Sanchez1 TAB Spot“Being a TAB Member has been a wonderful experience. The faith stories of youth and the challenges we are facing have helped me to see that young people are different and yet we all need the love of Christ. devozine is a great instrument for sharing the good news of Christ. I encourage everyone to join us in this movement, to get involved, and to share Christ’s love.” —Lemuel Sanchez, Philippines

Haley Meister TAB Spot“For me, being a TAB member has been a great experience. I’m very involved in my high school, and like you all, I’m super busy. As a result, my daily devotions have become shorter this year. Taking time to read articles and layouts for devozine has helped me to slow down and to focus on who God is and the kind of life God wants me to be living.” —Haley Meister, Iowa



Willing to offer your ideas, talents, and energy to encourage your peers to spend more time with God and to live out their faith? Then apply today!
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