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TAB App FTRdevozine wants creative young people to serve on our 2017-2018 TEEN ADVISORY BOARD. Find out what’s involved, and apply by April 30th!


Here’s what a few of our current and former TAB Members have to say about working with devozine:

  • “I have enjoyed everything about being on devozine‘s Teen Advisory Board! Creating social media posts gives me the opportunity to reflect on topics that I would not normally consider. I feel like I have grown in my faith too. It’s rewarding to see the cover of the magazine and know that I had a part in choosing the design. I would encourage anyone who loves Christ and loves writing to apply for a TAB position.” —Noel Wolfe
  • “Serving as a TAB member really inspires me because I get to read all the testimonies by young people about Christ and their faith. As TAB members we have the privilege of being the first teens to ponder all these devotions. What I really love is that I am serving God in my teen years with the help of devozine.” —Sophia Bucud
  • “I always thought that I was pushing my faith as far as I could; but once I became a TAB member and started working on my assignments, I realized that I could go so much farther in my relationship with God. Working with devozine has helped me to find myself through the Lord and to reflect on things I had never thought about before. I would encourage anyone who wants to push their faith while helping others do the same to apply. The experience is not only gratifying and rewarding, but definitely one through which you will benefit as much as you give. And everyone has so much to give. Taking this opportunity would open up new places in your life to God, and that’s just what God wants. ” —Kayla Ziegler
  • “Being a TAB member has been an amazing experience. I have learned a lot about myself, about God, and about others. I love being able to share my faith with other teens in so many ways. One of the things that I enjoy most about being a TAB member is being able to write posts for social media every week. While I am looking for Bible verses and writing devotions, I find myself growing closer to God and learning more about who God is. If you are looking for a fun way to share your faith with others and to grow closer to God, I would definitely recommend applying for the Teen Advisory Board. It is a wonderful experience, and you won’t regret it! ” —Angelina Palumbo
  • “For me, being a TAB member has been a great experience. I’m very involved in my high school, and like you all, I’m super busy. As a result, my daily devotions have become shorter this year. Taking time to read articles and layouts for devozine has helped me to slow down and to focus on who God is and the kind of life God wants me to be living.” —Haley Meister
  • “Being a TAB Member has been a wonderful experience for me and has helped me to discover many things about our world. The stories of youth, their challenges, and the things we are facing right now have opened my eyes to the fact that we youth can make a difference in so many ways and that if we are concerned about future generations, we should be living out God’s calling. Through devozine I realize that young people are different and yet we all have something in common: we need the love of Jesus Christ in our lives.  devozine is a great instrument for sharing Christ and his good news throughout the world. I encourage everyone to join us in this movement, to get involved, to be rooted in Christ, and to share his love.” —Lemuel Sanchez
  • “Working on devozine allows me to be a missionary right where I live. I am editing layouts and creating posts for devozine‘s social networks. I help to select covers that will inspire teens to pick up devozine and read it. My work on the Teen Advisory Board gives me the opportunity to make an impact in the world. My favorite part is working on graphics for devozine‘s Facebook page. I love going outside and taking nature pictures. Then I find scriptures to accompany the week’s theme and add the Bible verse to my photo. Working on devozine‘s graphics is a fun way to be creative and make an impact.” —Mara Cobb

Willing to offer your ideas, talents, and energy to encourage your peers to spend more time with God and to live out their faith? Then apply today!

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