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Keri Pappas

On Being a TAB Member

Keri Pappas 100_2622“Being on TAB is an amazing experience! It’s like having a second family! When someone is having a bad day or something happens, we pray for each other. This is definitely one of my favorite parts of being on the TAB! I also feel as if I’m making a difference. Every week when I send in social media suggestions, I can’t help but think that the words I’m sending in could make someone’s day a little bit better. Spreading God’s love in this way is something I will never forget!

Being on TAB this year gives me the opportunity not only to help others but also to help myself. My fellow TAB members are amazing. They post uplifting messages on social media, and seeing their encouragement every day and carrying out my TAB responsibilities help me stay focused on God more than ever before. So for that I’d like to say thanks to the staff at devozine and my fellow TAB members! You guys rock!” —Keri


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