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Moses Ngaima

Teen Advisory Board Member

Moses Ngaima 130x140If asked, what 3 objects would you use to describe yourself?

“A light bulb (creative), a recliner (laid back), and clouds (thoughtful). I choose these inanimate objects because I feel they best represent my personality. Overall, I consider myself to be creative, laid back, and thoughtful. I try to experience and engage in different things that the people around me might consider ‘wacky’ or ‘lame.’ One thing I’ve learned is to be different and that there are people out in the world that’ll accept your differences. Being a creative person makes you unique because you are distinctive from other people. Also, people who have met me would say that I have a laid-back personality–that I’m easy to get along with and can cope with an intense situation. Lastly, I consider myself as a cloud because I’m mindful of what I do. I naturally look below the surface to understand the deeper meaning in every experience and interaction. I’m reasonable about my actions and always consider the possible consequences.” —Moses


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