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It’s Simplify Your Life Week

What a great week to re-evaluate your daily activities and the stuff you have collected.

Simplify. Seems simple enough, right? But sometimes, getting started can be overwhelming. Try these ideas:

JulieFaith via Compfight cc

JulieFaith via Compfight cc

1. Clean out the clutter. Take a look around your room or your home. Are there items you could live without? Chances are the answer is yes.

2. Get organized. Once you get rid of the clutter and are left with the necessities, take some time to organize those items in containers, in your closets shelves, on your book shelves. With everything in its place, you’ll feel like a million bucks.

3. Plan meals. One of the weekday stresses you may face is the common question, “What’s for dinner?” Plan ahead so that you can enjoy preparing and eating healthy meals.

4. Make your bedroom a getaway. It is important to have a space that calms and relaxes you, a space that is strictly your own. Keeping your bedroom neutral territory, stress-free, and relaxing can be a key to simplifying your life.


What are your favorite ways to keep life simple?

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