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"Distractions . . . They're everywhere! Distractions come from our friends texti…

"Distractions . . . They're everywhere! Distractions come from our friends texting us about a show playing on TV. We always seem to have our mind focused on more than one thing, and that can make things tricky when trying to talk to God. I know that when I have a homework assignment or an essay, I work on it in the living room where everyone watches TV. Now I am a big fan of TV (and I probably watch too much of it), but trying to focus on completing an assignment while the TV is on seems like a mind game! I can never seem to finish anything while watching because my mind gets so absorbed into what's happening in the show or movie. So when this happens, I'll go to another room where there is less noise and I can finish my homework. You can do the same thing when it comes to talking and praying to God. Find a quiet spot where you can put all your focus on God and share your thoughts and feelings. God always gives us his full attention; doesn't God deserve the same from us?" – Torie, TAB Member

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