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“Slow Suicide”

Scott Stapp

This song, Proof of Life‘s first single, opens the story of Scott Stapp’s life at a chilling moment: his realization that for much of his adult life he had been negotiating a slow suicide. “For years, I was slowly killing myself. Drugs and booze want to kill you instantly, but they’re patient and will take their time. The same is true of toxic relationships. I had to start off this story by declaring the most obvious of truths: that I had been torturing and poisoning myself in an attempt to snuff out my soul.”

If you, like Scott, live every day with the consequences of your past choices, don’t continue to let them determine who you will be. Hear these words of hope from a musician who has discovered the power of God at work in his life: “Those days are over. I’m moving forward … now I believe.”

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