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Standing Up for Justice

Michael W. Waters

ADORNING THE WALLS of my pastoral study are pictures of such icons as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X. Also included is a picture of three young people shielding themselves from authorities who are force-spraying them with fire hoses in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963. Emblazoned above the image of the three young people is COURAGE. Surely it took great courage to stand for justice in those days.



Truthfully, even today, it takes courage to stand up for justice in its various expressions: economic, educational, environmental, human rights, and the list goes on. In reminiscing over the courage of previous generations anchored by their faith in God and in sharing these stories, I pray that we too will rise within this generation to meet the challenges of our day.


PRAYER: Dear God, help my generation rise to meet the challenges of our day with courage and integrity. In Jesus¹ name. Amen.



From pages 25-26 of Freestyle: Reflections on Faith, Family, Justice, and Pop Culture by Michael W. Waters. Copyright © 2014 by Michael W. Waters. All rights reserved. Used by permission of Fresh Air Books.

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