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Teen Co-Hosts Radio Show “Bullied”

devozine Radio Show Host TS 99121499Council Brandon was bullied in middle school. Realizing that her experience was not unique, she decided at age 14 to become involved with and to co-host the radio show “Bullied: Teen Stories From Generation PRX.”

Generation PRX tackles many of the difficult issues young people face today and connects with teens by airing actual stories and interviews of real teenagers who have encountered these critical issues in their lives. The show BULLIED also provides valuable information to help young people examine their own behaviors in order to change them and encourages teens to become kinder, more compassionate people.


Listen now to segments of the show BULLIED to hear stories of teens who have been victims and bullies. And let us know what you think about this teen-produced radio show that gives us a glimpse of bullying from a perspective we rarely hear in the media.



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