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World Hello Day

Hello World Ftr FF ID-100161263On November 21st every year, we celebrate World Hello Day as a way to promote world peace. The theme of this day — “Greet ten people for peace” — reminds us how easy it is to be a part of this movement: Simply say HELLO to ten people today — and voice your concern for world peace.

World Hello Day was created during the 1973 conflict between Egypt and Israel by Brian McCormack and Michael McCormack.  They believe that peace begins with communication and that our efforts can help to promote peace in our world.

So let’s make today the day we join in to make a difference for peace:

  1. Get out into the world and say “Hello” to at least ten people.
  2. Post your prayers for world peace on the prayer wall, and respond to the prayers others have posted.
  3. Tell us below how YOU are working to bring peace in your corner of the world.


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