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M. Andrew Vance, 20

On February 27, 2012, three students died and another was paralyzed in a shooting at Chardon High School in Ohio.

We’ve been through pain and fear.
How can any good come…

01/20/20 at 11:40 AM

What If I Took Off the Mask?

Mary Davis

I’m glad that only God can see my true self; yet, if everyone could look at me through God’s eyes, they would see me in a different light. They…

01/19/20 at 07:59 AM

Are You God?

Carolyn Caines & Richard Lawton

A small and tattered beggar boy
stood looking down the street.
His clothes were mostly patches,
and no shoes were on his feet.

He came upon a bakery;
he stood and peered…

01/18/20 at 05:56 PM


Cindy Shanks

Chaos, confusion
Where do I begin?
Fear attacks
Panic pounds within
Change, uncertainty
“God, are you…

01/08/20 at 12:28 PM

New Year Prayer

Lydia Grace, 19

I resolve to live more fully in 2020,
each day brighter, more purposeful,
full of faith and not of fear.
Give me courage to accept life’s adventures
and faith to avoid second…

01/01/20 at 01:01 AM

Living in God’s Presence

Jennifer Osborne, 21

Dear Lord,
Thank you
for wet grass,
for sweet chocolate,
for cool wind.

12/27/19 at 11:04 AM

Live in the Light

Aidan Gscheidle, 18

Swept away by the morning tide,
darkness runs a race as I watch the sunrise
and the beauty of infinite
sweet second chances
is fully realized.
As I consider the…

12/26/19 at 11:25 AM

See Yourself in God’s Eyes

Claire Smith, 16

The girl in the mirror is smiling now,
no longer just a girl who’s been knocked down.
She’s your daughter in Christ, a beautiful person;
and now she understands that she’s worth…

12/20/19 at 12:41 PM

Celebrate God’s Creation

Alan Thorimbert, 19

The sun rises in all its morning glory.
The salmon jumps upstream.
The rose unfolds to illustrate its beauty.
The oak stretches upward to heaven.
Sing of the deeds of Divine Love.
Shout across…

12/18/19 at 05:09 PM

Listening In The Silence

Tynea Lewis

The quiet fills my heart,
Giving me a chance
To really listen.
What I hear
I must obey and follow.
The courage I…

12/11/19 at 12:47 PM

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